Look: Mysterious creature leaves three animals dead, residents believe attacker is an ‘aswang’

Three piglets were found dead in Cagayan de Oro allegedly attacked by an “aswang” before midnight Monday.

Aswang in Cagayan

The three dead piglets were discovered on Tuesday morning by the owner of the domesticated animals in a vacant lot, a few meters away from their house.

Aswang in Cagayan

One of the dead piglets was obviously eaten by the attacker, leaving only the head and the bones of the dead animal.

The two other piglets were killed and bore several wounds on different parts of the body but not eaten by the attacker.

What makes the incident very scary to the residents was the absence of any blood marks at the scene of the incident!

According to Mylene Mabaylan, owner of the dead piglets, “We did not hear anything unusual coming from the piglets on the night of the attack. We did notice though that the chickens made some noise,” narrated Mylene. “My husband went out to check the commotion but he did not notice anything unusual.”

Two days later, another pig was attacked by an unknown attacker but the pig survived the attack, but bearing several superficial wounds on different parts of the body.

However, a security guard told ABS-CBN Cagayan that he saw three big dogs attacked the pig mentioned above.

Dr. Perla de Asis, City Veterinary of Cagayan de Oro told ABS-CBN News that she found the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the animals very unusual.

This incident is very unusual that the creature only sucked the blood and ate the meat, leaving the carcass behind. My suspicion is that the animal is carnivorous. In addition, the characteristics of the creature is a blood sucker. Very unusual!

Meanwhile, she advised the residents to stay cautious especially those who are indulge in domesticating animals for extra income.

The residents of Ecoville Village in Barangay Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro are appealing to the local authorities to solve the incident as soon as possible because they are afraid for the safety of their children.

Netizens provide different theories of the attack. One commenter said this is the work of a Chupacabra, a mythical animal found in Latin America that sucks animal blood.

You may watch the video by clicking here.

Aswang in Cagayan

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Meanwhile in San Nicolas Ilocos Norte, similar incidents of animal attacks have been reported by the residents. But this time, the subject of the animal attacks were domesticated goats. You may watch the video here for details.

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