Look: Netizen exposes Kiko Pangilinan’s rhetoric “Martial Law not the answer to people’s hunger during quarantine” lacks logic

A meme celebrating the success of a netizen in exposing Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s argument that “Martial Law is not the answer to people’s hunger during quarantine” is nothing but an empty rhetoric anchored on illogical reasoning.

A certain Jec Carillo, although he knew there was no assurance he can get Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s attention, went on anyway to burst Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s bubble.

Carillo argued that Martial Law isn’t supposed to address hunger as Pangilinan wants the public to believe but to adress peace and order.

According to him, if there is peace and order, it will result in good ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) implementation.

Good implementation is equal to the flattening of the curve, which in turn results in shorter lockdown period. A shorter lockdown period means people can back to their normal lives quickly.

Normal life means going back to work or resume employment and employment means no hungry people.

Carillo ended the comment by asking Pangilinan in jest how do we address hunger anger in case he was listening or reading his comment.

Carillo’s comment impressed the admin of the Facebook page “Duterte Daming Supporter” and took a screenshot and reposted it, to the entertainment of netizens.

In fact, the post has generated quite a buzz on Facebook, getting 10, 140 shares, 5,980 reactions and 1,264 comments.

Carillo’s comment has divided netizens. One side makes fun of Kiko Pangilinan.

“Kiko knows the truth, but believing in lies, deception. Clear Stupidity. Martial rule is for Peace n Order.
Food is the solution for Hunger.”

“kiko just hit in his core now talk more. have you done something to help your fellow men ? no you just sits there and wait doing nothing . so you better shut your Yep”

On hand, Kiko Pangilinan has his own share of supporters on Facebook.

“May point naman si Kiko guys. Its just that mukhang mas concrete ang plano ng gobyerno sa mga NPA kaysa sa long term plans in handling COVID, lifting ECQ, conducting mass testing.”

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Source: Darwin Canete

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