Look: Netizen shares encounter with a taxi driver from hell

Beware of Taxi ‪#‎UWB666 started the post to warn the riding public of the danger that awaits them should they make the mistake of hailing this cab driver.

taxi driver from hell

screengrab of the taxi driver with bad attitude

A viral video is making the rounds on Facebook wherein the netizen shares her horrifying encounter with a taxi driver very recently.

The netizen, Joanna Garcia narrated that she and her friend boarded a taxi in SM North Quezon City. As soon as they got inside, the taxi driver told them the fare is P250.00 which Joanna replied that she prefer to use the meter which she thought they had a deal.

Upon reaching POEA, Joanna wrote, “I handed 200.00 pesos to the driver and expect and 50 peso change.” But what Joanna received instead was an unexpected outburst of anger from the part of the taxi driver – shouting expletives and cursing her.

According to Joanna, the driver wanted to collect 350.00 pesos from her, but she stood pat on her ground by telling the driver, it was not what they agreed upon in SM North.

She continued with her narration and said, “The driver cursed me 3 times and he refused to hand me the change.” And when she refused to budged, the taxi driver threatened to hit her if she won’t get out of the taxi. But when the taxi driver noticed she was taking a video, that was when the driver started hitting her that forced her to stop the video and got out of the taxi in a hurry.

But the taxi driver did not stop there. He got out of the cab and wanted to take a punch at Joanna. So she goaded him to her, but the driver held back, apparently got scared when male bystanders told her to report the incident to the police.

This is when the driver decided to take flight and went back to his taxi cab and drove away in a hurry.

Joanna wrote the taxi driver appeared to be high on drugs because she noticed he was talking gibberish. She opined this kind of drivers should not have been hired in the first place…she has the impression that he is the kind of individual with the tendency to kill another human being.

Before she ended her post, she used the hashtag ##nakakatakot sya sobra to emphasize how scary the guy was.


#UWB666 eto po ang pinaka nakakatakot na driver na nasakyan ko.. from sm north po sumakay ako sa nakapilang taxi … sabi niya sakin 250 daw sabi ko naman naka metro naman kuya… And so i thought ok n si kuya sa metro… pero nung nasa POEA n kami inabot ko kay kuya ung 200 expecting a 50 change… din bigla nalang nagsisigaw si kuya eh GAGO ka pala, eh dapat nga 350 tapos sabi m sakin ikaw bahala at metro nalang.. so sabi kuya kaya nga i metro so 140 lang… tapos 3 beses ako ulit minura ayaw ibigay ang sukli, tapos sabi sakin ni kuya sasapakin ako pag di ako bumababa, nung makita nya na vinideo ko sya pinukpuk nya ako.. so bumababa na ako and nagstop ng video.. pero hinabol nya ako sa baba then mukhang sasapakin so sabi ko hali ka kuya sige subukan mo tapos natakot nalang sya dahil me mga tao and puro lalake nakatingin saknya and tinatawag ako para tawagin ung police… tsaka lang humarurot si kuya… una po high si kuya at kung ano ano pinagsasabi, pangalawa sana etong ganitong driver hindi kinukuha… papatay talaga si kuya literal… #nakakatakot sya sobra.#pakisharepo #walangnamengdriver

Posted by Joanna A Garcia on Monday, January 4, 2016

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