Look: Netizen writes guide on how to campaign for Duterte

A must-read guide on how to campaign for Mayor Duterte in a right way written by an avid supporter is doing the rounds online.

Duterte supporter wrote a guide how to campaign for Mayor

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The short guide in the form of a letter was posted by Ed Napiza on the Facebook Group “Rudy Duterte For President Movement International” yesterday, January 17, 2016.

The netizen encouraged his fellow Duterte supporter to campaign by posting the accomplishments and platform of governance of Mayor Duterte in every unfavorable articles or blog posts that arrive at their newsfeed as a way of defending Duterte.

The netizen wrote that instead of name-calling and bashing anti-Duterte commenters, it is best to keep our emotions in check because Mayor Duterte has plenty of potential voters for the taking outside Davao City.

The netizen cited his case wherein he had already heard about the name of Mayor Duterte for a time but it was only last year that he knew about the accomplishments of the Mayor in Davao City.

“We have to inform the undecided voters what he did in Davao City and why his constituents are very passionate to a fault in defending Duterte,” the post reads.

The netizen appealed to the hotheads among the Duterte supporters to argue with sense.

The netizen wrote, “When Duterte is lambasted with his human rights records, the netizen advised the Duterte supporters to reply the accuser in a nice way.”

If Duterte’s womanizing is brought up, he said it is best to tell the basher that Duterte is already legally separated. Therefore, as a single man and can date women as he wishes.

In fact the netizen boasts, he already convinced a couple of anti-Duterte netizens who are leaning towards voting for other candidates until he won them over using his method.

The netizen wrote that based on his personal analysis, Duterte have accomplished a lot of things in Davao City compared to other presidential candidates.

“Duterte has real compassion for the people,” the netizen wrote. He then encouraged the Davaoenos to vouch for this Duterte trait to non-residents of Davao City based on their personal experience.

The netizen continued with his post and said, “I met a lot of people who visited Davao City and all of them said positive things about their experience in Davao.”

Before ending his post, the netizen reiterated what he said that every Duterte supporter should focus on the positive things like the accomplishments and the platform of governance of Mayor Duterte. He said that there are still many voters who are in the dark and knows only a little of Duterte because what are highlighted in the mainstream media are the negative things instead of the Mayor’s accomplishments.

guide on how to campaign for Duterte

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