Look: Netizens believe this 34-second video taken during yesterday’s ABS-CBN vigil rally tells us not all who went there are Kapamilya but for the money?

A 34-second video has piqued the interest of netizens after a woman was overheard exclaiming she just hit 10K views and male voice was overheard saying, “Exposure yan. Sampung libo yan eh” while doing an FB live at the vigil rally for ABS-CBN.

To give us an idea what was the fuss all about, a netizen managed to write down what the girl said in the 34-second video.

Ano daw?- “Bakit ko pa ito ginawa?”; “Sumama pa ako?”; Nasa 10K viewers na daw – “EXPOSURE” na sabi nun boses lalaki! AKO NG MAGLA-LIVE EXPOSURE YAN, SAMPUNG LIBO YAN! Girl voice said, WAG KANG MAINGAY ANG DAMI MONG SINASABI! 😅

“Ang Probinsyano” superstar Coco Martin and fellow Kapamilya artists also attended the vigil rally to show their support and joined call for the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise.

The actor was very emotional, almost teary-eyed, when he talked to a reporter. The actor said he and fellow artists wants to show their support to the network because we are not supposed to stop the people from expressing themselves, we need to freely expression our opinions, stand up for what we believe and speak out our feelings or opinions about happening around us.

Who wouldn’t? He would lose millions if his popular TV show goes off the air after March 30, 2020.

"Why do actors — people whose main talent is faking emotions — think that their opinions should be directing the course of political events in the real world? Yet it is a mistake that they have been making as far back as John Wilkes Booth." – Thomas Sowell

Posted by Odette Dequito-Javier on Friday, February 21, 2020

The video has elicited various interpretations and conspiracy theories but many believed this is proof that some of those who attended the rally went there for the money.

One netizen remarked that some people’s dignity is only worth 10K. “Haha 10k??? mura lng pala, pinagpalit nyo dignidad sa halagang 10k”

Another netizen said in jest she felt bad she was not invited because 10K was a wasted opportunity. “Sayang 10k pala bakit hindi nio ako na invite kapamilia pa naman ako para marami ako ma invite din…”

This netizen sounded unconvinced that 10K means there was money involved. He believed the girl meant she has 10K views while doing FB Live. “10k viewers ng live FB nila, kayo naman pag 10k pera kagad 😂😂😂 “


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