Look: Netizens lambast slow medical response, hostage taking victim bleeding to death

A woman was seriously injured after the hostage taker stabbed her on the back when she tried to escape from her tormentor this morning.

In a Facebook post viewed more than 23,00 times, Cebu Flash Report provided a brief summary of the incident.

The hostage taking incident occurred in Mambaling Cebu City at 11:30 AM.

The bystanders cornered the hostage taker, held him down and did the honors of giving him a good beating.

However, netizens quickly took notice that the girl who was wounded during the commotion, did not receive quick medical attention as much as it should due to the ill-trained first responders to the crime scene.

In addition, netizens also took notice of the poor crowd control ability of the local authorities thus hampering the rescue efforts of the incoming medical personnel accompanying the ambulance.

As of this writing, there is word yet from the local police in regards to the motive of the hostage-taker.

In addition, we are still waiting for the medical update of the hostage-taking victim.

Hostage taking sa Mambaling, Cebu

Hostage taking sa mambaling na aktohan 11:30 ganihang buntag. Nagsulay ug naka ikyas ang babae (gapuwa) sa pag hostage niya niining lalaki gamit ang kutsilyo nga habolan apan samdan iyahang ubang parti sa lawas ilabi na sa iyang abaga. Minatay pirting kulbaa nako kay ari padulong nako ang duha nag dinaganay homan gukda sa mga istambay ug kaliwat.credits: Justine Keith I.

Posted by Cebu Flash Report on Sunday, January 24, 2016

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