Look: Netizens react to viral photo of crying Gascon of CHR after learning CHR’s budget cut down to P1K in 2018

A photo of a distraught Gascon, consoled by an unidentified man, taken after learning CHR is getting only a P1K budget from Congress circulates online.

According to sources online, the person in the photo who was kind enough to comfort the CHR chief who was teary-eyed after learning the bad news was a member of Congress.

The Commission of Human Rights headed by Chito Gascon has been getting flak on social media for being overly critical of the Duterte administration’s war on drugs campaign.

Let us read the comments on social media to see who they react the photo and the news that Congress gave the CHR a humiliating budget to go around in 2018.

Dahlia Ornopia remarked the CHR just got what they deserved for what humiliating the president in the international community. “Masyado ninyung pinahiya sa international community ang pangulo. Binastos nyu ng pinapunta nyu si Agnes Callamard sa pinas na walang protocol sa palasyo. Kinampihan nyu si delima na guilty naman sa kaso nya. Puro LP lang ang pina pakinggan ninyo. Kinasuhan nyu pa ang Presidente ng EJK at sa Hague. Pagkatapos ninyo mag tapang tapangan ngayon sa Administrasyon din pala kayo hihingi ng Budget. Ano to CHR lokohan na lang ba never again.”

Netizen Belle Pagangpang’s comment has been harsh too. “Doon kayo humingi SA mga kriminal KC yon ang pinoprotektahan ninyo mga ungas!! Ngayon iiyak iyak Kang leche ka! Hingi ka ke panot!”

Andrew Domo has some words of advice to Gascon of CHR: “Suggestion ko lang kay chairman Gascon. Hingi ka ng budget kay Loida Lewis. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to oblige.”

Netizen Mary Manaay wrote a more scathing comment: “It’s ok you’re receiving millions naman from drug cartels and LP…you don’t need money from the government.”

Ethan Hunt said: “What goes around, comes around.” The Law of Karma…

Check out how the voting in Congress for the CHR’s 2018 budget went today.

As of this writing, the photo has gathered 2,431 shares, 6,995 reactions and 1,700 plus comments on Facebook and growing.

Credits to VOVph for the photo

Source: VOVph

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