Look: New Department of Tourism ad campaign “Experience Philippines” video copied from South Africa? Redditors say so!

In 2012, the DOT under Pnoy was accused of copying ‘More Fun In The Philippines’ tourism ad from the 1951 Switzerland ad.

Fast forward 2017, the DOT under the Duterte administration is embroiled in another controversy for allegedly plagiarizing the South African video in the creation of the “Experience Philippines” video.

Yesterday, as the country celebrated the 119th Independence Day, the Department of Tourism saw it fit to launch the new “Experience Philippines” video on social media.

Eight hours later, a thread calling out the Department of Tourism for plagiarizing the South African video was opened in the website Reddit.

Redditor rubyanjel wrote on Reddit: “Philippines’ new tourism video is a copycat of South Africa’s from last year” and shared the link from YouTube.

Redditor juan-tamad agreed. “Watched both and it was clearly plagiarized. What a shame.” “The Experience Philippines ad was a touching video and was hoping it wouldn’t be another fiasco. Very much disappointed,” he added.

Redditor chinitopromdi wants the DOT Sec’s head: “DOT Sec Teo should resign over this. It’s a shame that she doesn’t even have shame to begin with.”

Redditor TapaDonut remarked: “This is the reality in politics, they don’t have any shame at all or even honor to begin with. If they have shame or honor they won’t be the politicians we knew now. Just look at Japan and why it is so progressive, because the people running the government have nationalistic views and values honor more than their wealth. True that Japan has also some corruption, but not as worse as ours.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, their stealing of public funds thru kickbacks is so obvious that people are already cursing their name. Still they don’t care a shit about that and let their family honor rot for the sake of power and wealth.”

Redditor sponkel commented: “Jesus. And it’s also a tourism ad. Copy is thematically similar. The punchline at the end was a complete swipe, even the first few seconds was almost shot for shot. The creative team who did this should be shot or at least given a stern talking to.”

Meanwhile, redkinoko disagreed in putting the blame squarely on DOT’s Teo.

“The Ad Agency will likely take the flak for it, which is McCann Worldgroup. They are the same ones, (though not necessarily the same team or talent) who recently did the Jollibee hugot commercials.
It’s disappointing, yes, and honestly I wish I could blame DoT for this, but I don’t think it should be their direct responsibility to watch for plagiarism as creativity is what you’re paying 650 million pesos for (http://www.businessmirror.com.ph/new-dot-ad-enjoins-foreigners-to-experience-phl/).

For reference, It’s More Fun In The Philippines is by BBDO Guererro.”

Redditor invaderxim defended the McCann Worldgroup.

“The creative team will take flak for this, but I doubt they want to plagiarize or are too lazy to think of something new. In my experience, Filipino clients love what is currently shiny. They heavily rely on pegs. Ex: We had a client we pitched something for. When they briefed us, they already indicated a peg. Our CD didn’t want to rely on the peg, so we thought of new concepts. Fast forward to a few months later, client awarded the project to the agency that gave them a concept that is eerily like their video peg.

If I were to speculate, DOT head honchos might have used the South Africa ad as a peg. McCann probably tried to pitch other ideas but the idea nearest the peg was the one that got approved for production.

Also, I forgot where I got this since I’ve been to many talks haha. But someone once said that being original is hard these days. What matters is how you tell the story. This doesn’t excuse the new Philippine tourism ad though. Should have at least presented the same insight with a very different take.”

You may watch new DOT ad “Experience Philippines” and let us know what you think of the video?

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