Look: The night Marlon Garcia of Smartmatic was confronted by the Marcos camp for script tampering

An “enye” might be insignificant to some people but in this May 2016 election, this might play a crucial role whether Smartmatic will continue to have a stake in future elections of the country.

For the uninitiated, the alleged tampering of the script by Marlon Garcia of Smartmatic occurred on the night of May 9, 2016.

Marlon Garcia Smartmatic

Credits to Interaksyon.com

The tampering of the script was allegedly carried out while the election results were being transmitted.

The suspicion among netizens was aroused after waking up to see Leni Robredo overtook Bongbong Marcos when the latter led by almost a million votes early in the evening, only to see his lead evaporated by early dawn.

Since then, the social media was flooded with anecdotes of a confrontation between Marlon Garcia and representatives from the political parties but many dismissed it as mere hearsay or product of loose talks from supporters of the Marcos camp who were shocked to discover that Marcos lost the huge lead overnight.

There was no video to serve as evidence of the alleged incident until very recently when istoryahi.com, posted the video of the confrontation between the representatives of Smartmatic and concerned political parties.

The video was accompanied by the caption that says, “Changing the codes while counting the votes is like changing answers while checking the test papers. Smartmatic should have sought the COMELEC En Banc’s approval before doing any action. This is a clear breach of protocol.”

You may check the video now.

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