Look: Nur Misuari endorses Duterte for President in recent video. But why?

A video of Nur Misuari speaking to Vice News in a remote location about his presidential preference for the May 9 election is making the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 13,000 times as of Sunday afternoon, Vice News published the video interview of Nur Misuari in a remote location in Jolo Sulu in an undisclosed date.

In the video, Jamela Alindogan of Vice News asked MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari who is his President and Vice president in the coming election and this what he has to say on the matter:

Rodrigo Duterte. I think he is the only, I don’t mind about Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon. I am only concerned for the moment with the peace here, in our homeland.

On Poe:

If you ask me, what is your objection about Poe? I cannot trust somebody whose identity is not known. I am not stupid. To entrust the future of this nation, including our people, to a lady whose identity is not even known and whose married to a foreigner, whose son is like this and like this. I cannot. I am not stupid. I am not even a madman.

On Binay:

Binay was my classmate at the university for 5 years, until the College of Law. I know him. He is a nice person. The only problem is, there are so many rumors about his administration. Even his family are like that. So I told his Eminence Socrates Villegas and the head of the CBCP, he asked me, “Brother Nur, Mister Chairman may we know who do you like to become president in this country?”

I said, “I want Binay.” “Who else? Why Binay?” I said, “He is a legitimate President because he was elected by the people.”

But that was before all of these cases of bankruptcies and like that came to the fore.

“Who else,” he said. “Give me a small list.” I said, “I want Duterte. If you don’t like Duterte, put Dureza,” I said.

Dureza was the head of OPAC. He’s a gentleman. I know he’s a human being. I ma not privy to his private life but I think he can be trusted.

But he said, “Why these two? Why Duterte and why?” Because they are Mindanaons and they know the problem and the biggest problem of this country is peace.

Who is your Vice President? Misuari answered Bongbong Marcos. Why is Bongbong your vice-president?

His father was my number one enemy. Jamela Alindogan of Vice News interrupted Misuari and asked him why when his father Ferdinand was the cause of the Muslim rebellion and the Jabidah Massacre happened under his rule.

Misuari said, “No, I am a Muslim. The fault of the father cannot be inherited by the son. Neither the father can be accused of the wrongdoings of his son.”

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