Look: ‘Ordinary’ DOJ lawyer Darwin Canete burns ‘heavyweight’ Senator Drilon during senate hearing on Kian delos Santos murder

Due to a huge a public demand, the video of the epic confrontation between Senator Franklin Drilon and Atty. Darwin Canete has finally arrived!

If you’d recall, Sen. Franklin Drilon called out SOJ Vitaliano Aguirre asking him to transfer a certain Caloocan assistant prosecutor to the DOJ’s proper, in the words of Drilon, “where he can reacquaint himself with the basics of due process and respect for the rule of law.”

In short, Drilon wants Atty. Darwin Canete removed from his post as assistant prosecutor of Caloocan City.

Canete got the attention of Drilon after Canete was quoted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the possibility of Kian delos Santos being “totally innocent boy planted (with) P16,000 worth of drugs” by the police was “too far-fetched.” Link here.

Canete also posted SOCO photos on social media showing Kian’s last moments, casting doubt on the reports of mainstream media that the boy was not a drug courier.

During the Senate hearing, Drilon relished his turn to put Canete in a spotlight by casting aspersion on the man’s reputation with an unexpected question that caught Canete stunned for a second

But, Canete, being a good trial lawyer that he was, quickly gathered his wits and turned the table around Drilon with ease.

“I just want to ask one question to Atty. Canete, just one factual question. This is not confirmed, but I’ll ask the question: Were you in the drug list of President Duterte originally?”

To which Canete replied, “I have no knowledge of that Sir.”

Drilon replied, “You have no knowledge of that.” Drilon repeated the question, hoping to get a different answer.

Canete stood firm and told Drilon: “Nobody told me I was not given a copy of that.”

Red-faced, Drilon explained: “Alright. Ahh, because I have a copy of the information that you were originally on the first list, that is why I am trying to confirm the information from you.”

Drilon turned to PDEA, asking if they know something what he was talking so that they can once and for all, remove Canete from his so-called list.

“Is it true that Canete was in the first drug list?” Drilon asked the PDEA.

To which the PDEA replied: “We will look into that your honor.”

Lacson interrupted and said, “There are so many Canetes. Be sure you are referring to the same Canetes.”

After failing to pin down Canete using the drug watch list, Drilon move on to the next rumor against Canete. This time if he was reprimanded by SOJ Aguirre due to his Facebook posts.

Canete told Drilon, “Sir, diniscuss lang talaga namin with a certain DOJ Usec.was that I would be appearing here. As to admonition Sir, we discussed the parameters of my testimony. In fact, pointing to something, I brought with me some materials.”

Drilon said that a Congressman told him Canete was scolded by his superiors and the reason why Canete was saying these things was to save his life.

Canete, already enjoying the upper hand told Drilon this without batting his eyelash, “I don’t respond to rumors without knowing the source.”

An embarrassed Drilon insisted that since this is not a court of law, wanted Canete to answer to the rumor.

Canete told Drilon that he was not scolded.

Drilon continued badgering Canete by asking him to confirm that he was doing what he was doing to save his life.

Canete stood firm and told Drilon he can’t recall saying what Drilon was trying to get a confirmation from him.

Frustrated! Drilon remarked that he can see Canete was trying to avoid answering his question.

Video below.

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