Look: Overspeeding “patok” jeepney fish-tailed, skidded on wet road, angers netizens

Jeepney is the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines, especially among the masses and an iconic symbol of Filipino culture.

For years, some sectors have been calling for the phaseout of archaic jeepneys from our roads and highways because it has become the cause of traffic in Metro Manila.

In 2015, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board is pushing to phase out passenger jeepneys that are 15 years old.

In 2016, the DOTC announced plans to modernize the country’s transportation sector by phasing out 15-year-old public utility vehicles, including jeepneys and buses, their age based on their date of manufacture.

But according to then Chairman Winston Ginez, the safety of the passengers is the main reason why jeepneys 15 years old and above needs to go.

Speaking of which, the video posted by Facebook user Cleon Lester Chavez is a perfect example to demonstrate that some drivers posed as a danger not only to their passengers but to other motorists as well.

The video was taken yesterday, January 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM along Marcos Highway.

Chavez captioned the post with this:

Ulan + Madulas na Lansangan + Humaharurot na Pampasaherong Jeepney = Isang potensyal na malaking AKSIDENTE (Ang video ay kuha kaninang umaga sa Marcos Highway East, makalampas sa LRT2 Santolan Station)

Chavez shared the video to warn the public that driving in rainy condition is dangerous.

Netizens who’ve watched the video remarked that the driver needs his license revoked by the LTO.

“Salot tlga mga yan. Dapat tanggalin na lahat ng jeep, o kaya naman iscreen ng mabuti ang mga driver nyan. Possibleng mkaaksidente mga hinayupak na yan, tapos kamot sa ulo driver o mgpapakulong lang!” (A plague indeed. Either the jeepneys are phased out or a thorough screening of the drivers is needed. These drivers are accident-prone. In accidents, they just scratch their heads or elects to go to prison.) Drei Andres wrote.

As of today, the video has garnered more than 92,000 views, 698 reactions and 218 shares on Facebook.

Video below.

Do you want the jeepneys phased out or implement strict screening of jeepney drivers?

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