Look: Post alleging Trillanes approached a woman to testify against Duterte goes viral

A post accusing Trillanes of allegedly attempting to bribe a woman to pin down President Duterte with illegal drugs circulates on social media.

Credits to Brigada News Davao

The Facebook page “Brigada News Davao” posted the explosive story about the attempted bribery today, April 3,2017.

According to the woman, whose face in the uploaded photo was blurred for security reasons, Atty. Jude Sabio, Fr. Albert Alejo and a staff of Sen. Antonio Trillanes she identified as Jonel, approached her to testify against President Duterte.

And irony of all ironies, they want to pin down President Duterte by implicating him in the illegal drug trade.

The woman approached “Brigada News FM Davao” armed with evidences to back up her claim against the above-mentioned personalities.

Brigada News Davao told its followers to wait for additional details and the interview with the woman at Brigada News FM Davao.

As of this writing, the post has gathered 3,374 shares, 5,811 reactions and 471 comments on Facebook.

Let us read how social media reacts to the explosive allegation of the woman.

Siegfredo Melgarejo welcomes the news and commented: “Umpisa na ng kalbaryo ni sundalong kanin…ito na umpisa na ating aabangan hangang sa maipasok kasama na D5maw.”

Maniek Almaden wrote: “Lahat gagawin… tampering, fabrication, etc… for the benefit of Liberal Party.”

Alala Ares expressed disgust in light of the alleged involvement of a priest. Fr. Alejo, isang Pari ? Forgive Lord, but I am again disgusted with this revelation. Thank Miss for not giving in to their foolishness.

Jc Anogab gloated upon the news and remarked: “Boom sablay ang mga dilawan sa plano,buaaaaa hahaha,ala na kayong patutunguan,.himasin ninyo bayag ninyo sa loob ng rehas,.basta mga dilawan asaan mo puro kabulastugan ang mga gagawin..”

Mary Costello said she hoped more proofs other than her expos√©: “Sana may mga picture and voice recorded and as well as CCTV !!!”

Fhely Saguid praised God for this development and commented: ¬†Mabuti talaga ang panginoon..hindi via papayagan ang mga demonyo..na pilit pabagsakin…tatay digung..tinalaga ng DIOS….para sa ating bayan..bangon..PILIPINAS”

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