Look: Post laments arm-twisting ploy of DSWD to force 4PS members to vote for Daang Matuwid

A post shared by a netizen accusing the Liberal Party of using Martial Law tactics to get more votes for Mar Roxas is doing the rounds online.

According to the netizen, a meeting was held in their Barangay recently calling all 4Ps recipients to attend the said meeting.

The Barangay meeting conducted allegedly by DSWD employees centered on the 4PS program and the need to choose the candidates of “Daan Matuwid” said the netizen.

The concerned netizen claimed their barangay is a solid Duterte country.

He lamented that what transpired during the meeting was like Martial Law because the people were told to vote for “Daang Matuwid” or Straight Path, the 4PS program of the Aquino government. Otherwise, the 4PS program will cease to exist and they will stop receiving money from the government.

He said the 4Ps member felt sad after the meeting because they think that their right to choose freely is being taken away from them.

The netizen sounded alarmed with the type of propaganda being used in the provinces in order get what they want.

4PS scandal

What can you say about the accusation leveled against the DSWD?

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