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Look: Professor reveals legal means to remove Robredo as VP besides electoral protest in PET



Nasusuka ka na ba sa pagmumukha ni Robredo sa TV?

Are you itching to see Leni Robredo go because you can’t stand looking at her face on TV, whining about Martial Law, EJK and Duterte’s foul mouth?

Dr. Contreras said that other than the electoral protest filed by defeated vice-presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos in the PET (Presidential Electoral Tribunal)  there is a ray of hope for those who are tired of Robredo

Well, if Dr.Antonio Contreras of the Political Science Department of De La Salle University is correct, we might be seeing the last of Leni Robredo once the pending case against her has been decided.

On Friday, January 6, 2017, Dr. Contreras announced:

There is another way Leni Robredo can be taken out of the post she occupies, not through an extra-constitutional means, but through a legal process.

How?  According to him, Leni has a pending case at the COMELEC filed by spouses Villafuerte for allegedly accepting contributions from non-Filipinos.

She has a pending case at the COMELEC filed by spouses Villafuerte, for allegedly accepting foreign contributions for her 2013 run for Congress. The allegations is that while the monies were coursed through Loida Nicolas-Lewis who remains to be a dual citizen, and hence is not barred from making campaign contributions, Loida is allegedly on record to have admitted that such monies, or part of it, came from solicitations from US nationals, which would technically render it as the same as a foreign contribution.

“This is an election offense, and anyone found guilty of, it is perpetually barred from running for public office,” Contreras asserted.

Contreras continued: “If found guilty, Leni Robredo  would be disqualified to run in any elections, including the VP elections in 2016.”

If COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista fulfills his promise to Dr. Contreras to look into the Robredo electoral case made during a radio talk show guesting and act with dispatch, then hopefully, Robredo would be a footnote in Philippine history.

During our radio program Karambola, where Chairperson Bautista was our guest, I asked him on this issue, and he promised that he will take a look into this case. Well, let us hope he will, even as we should continue to pressure COMELEC to act on this case with fair dispatch.

In case you’re interested to read the full story about the case filed by the Villafuerte’s against Leni Robredo, you may click the link here and read it.

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