Look: Robredo launched #MilLENIalsPH in Naga…after pro-Duterte bloggers met the President in Malacanang

Recently, awestruck pro-Duterte bloggers met the President in Malacanang for the first time, nine months after playing an instrumental role in his victory.

The President gave them around Malacanang Palace and in Bahay Pangarap where former President Benigno Simeon Aquino III took residence.

According to the Facebook post of Dr. Lorraine Badoy, one of the powerhouse social media bloggers of the president, “it was supposed to just be a simple meet and greet at 8:30pm. My expectations were real simple. We would line up in a crowd of 500, shake his hand and have a group photo. That was it.”

But to the bloggers surprised, the President prepared a dinner for them.

“Instead we were told we would be served dinner after meeting the president. And then we were ushered into a hushed, stately room with 7 elegantly upholstered seats on each side with each of our names on a name tag so we knew where to sit and one regal chair for Da Man up front,” Dr. Badoy said.

Duterte also gave the bloggers a tour around Malacanang…

Ok, enough of that!

Meanwhile, 2 days after Duterte’s social media influencers met the President in Malacanang, Leni Robredo launched #MilLENIalsPH in Naga City.

Whatever that means? That remains to be seen. But, taking it in the context of politics and the heated war in the social media, you get the idea how #millenialsPH is going to be unleashed!

The Facebook page “Juan Step Sa Para Sa Tunay Na Pagbabago” took a swipe at Leni Robredo for being a copycat.

In the meme shared by Juan Step, a text inserted in the photo says: “You are nothing but a trying hard second rate copycat.”

This is lifted from a movie dialogue immortalized by actress Cherry Gil.

What can you say about this? See ya in the comment’s section.

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