Look: Robredo photos visiting LTO Naga to renew driver’s license draws flak on social media

Leni Robredo is now once again the target of criticism on social media after allegedly driving with expired license and worse, outside the country.

Robredo critic Benjie Daisy Contreras, wife of a local politician from Naga City, alerted the public of the possible violation of the Vice-President.

Read the post below.

This one is for the investigative social media bloggers.

Leni Robredo celebrated her 52nd birthday last April 23, 2017 but she just renewed her driver’s license at LTO-NAGA CITY yesterday, July 11, 2017. So, this means that her driver’s license expired on her birthday last April 23. LTO rule is that a licensee can renew his/her driver’s license from one month before his/her birthday up to his/her natal day otherwise his/her license will expire. Driving with expired license is an LTO major violation with corresponding harsh penalty.

If Leni Robredo’s driver’s license had expired last April 23, 2017 how come she was able to drive a car in US last June 21, 2017 with Aika as her passenger.

From what I know, a person holding a valid Philippine driver’s license can drive a motor vehicle in some countries like here in New Zealand for 1 year. Maybe, this is also applicable in the US. With these, I can conclude that Leni Robredo drove a car in the US with an expired license.


However, in a separate FB post, Robredo critic RG San Luis accused Leni Robredo of using the license renewal as a publicity stunt to project an image that she is no different from ordinary motorist.

Ain’t she a special kind of stupid? Ibig sabihin expired lisensya niya nung nag-maneho siya sa Boston o may US driver’s license siya.

Palabas na ordinaryong tao effect. Buti sana kung hindi niya bitbit ang photographer.

Dami talaga kalokohan ng babaeng eto.

Screen cap of Rappler’s article to show that Robredo was born in April.

Credits screen cap to Benjie Daisy Contreras

Photo of Leni driving in the US when she went to Boston.

Collage photo of Robredo renewing her expired driver’s license in LTO Naga.

Credits to RG San Luis for the photo

So how much did Robredo pay for late renewal of drivers license?

According to the RA 4136, a delinquent driver is asks to pay 5 pesos, in addition to the standard fees when renewing a driver’s license.

Let us hear how social media critics react, particularly VP’s critics.

Jassee White asked: “Anyare? Ano ba talaga, expired ba ha, OVP? Can you imagine, kung na-ticketan yan or na-involve sa aksidente sa Boston with an expired driver license? Parang kina-career na talaga ang pagbibigay ng kahihiyan sa Inang Bayan, or baka lang gusto ng bagong picture sa DL. Top that, Trillanes, it’s your turn again. 😱😱 #IceBuko?”

Jarrold Tan wrote: “naniwala naman kau na nagdrive talaga cia. 1year na, ndi pa nio kilala si aling Leni Robredo. puro pang photo ops lang lahat. posing posing lang lahat.”

Meanwhile, Atty. Trixie Angeles, a Duterte ally has something to say on the issue.

Trixie Cruz-Angeles wrote: “She might have a US license. And one does not need to be a citizen to have that.”

Your reaction?

Source: Benjie Daisy Contreras

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