Look! Ronald Cardema of National Youth Commission makes lawyer Rep. Zarate looks like an ordinary debater!

So, Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate and Ronald Cardema of the National Youth Commission were guests of ABC-CBN’s Early Edition and boy Cardema was a revelation!

The video clip captured the portion where Cardema can be seen doing the talking, specifically asking Zarate when was the last time he issued a statement condemning NPA’s burning cell sites and k*lling soldiers?

Zarate replied that Cardema can file a case.

Cardema reiterated his question, asking Zarate when was the last time he condemned NPA atrocities?

Zarate, sidestepped Cardema’s question, telling Cardema that there is a civil war in our country, that’s why they in Bayan Muna…(Zarate was interrupted by Cardema).

Cardema said that NPA fighters surrendering to the government they are us, they were members of Zarate’s organizations, are they liars? A smiling Cardema asked Zarate. He said, the NPA surrenderees were former colleagues of Zarate in their “patriotic” rebellion and “patriotic” advocacies and now they want to quit the struggle and return to the fold of the law, they want peace, now you want to destroy their names or credibility?

Cardema changed the topic by raising the issue of police and soldiers inability to speak out because there are leftist lawmakers like Zarate who will call for an investigation or inquiry in Congress and when they responded to the summons they are the underdogs.

Cardema asked Zarate who will speak in behalf of the side of the government? The police, the soldiers troops who were killed, they leave their families in their homes for deployment to fight the NPAs…the country must be strengthened. Cardema hoped the soldiers and policemen are extended with a helping hand.

Zarate, looking defeated, could only managed his head to the arguments made by Cardema.

Cardema continued the talking, even praising Zarate because he is not corrupt, have many good plans for the government but they don’t have the monopoly of that. Cardema explained that there are many organizations with noble intentions and don’t belong to the Left, who have high aspirations for the country.

Cardema clarified he has no problem Zarate and company criticizing President Duterte because they have been doing that for a long time, regardless who was the sitting President; he sees no problem they continue criticizing the government. However, some of the members of Zarate’s group join the CPP/NPA.

Cardema cited Akbayan whom he said asked him to resign, even called the President to do the same. He said he and his colleagues do not take their criticism personally and refrain from attacking them as retaliation because he respects their opinion because Akbayan does not subscribe to armed rebellion.

Zarate tried to interrupt Cardema but the latter simply ignored Zarate and continued talking.

Cardema said that NPA surrenderees are the ones telling them about their connection with Zarate’s group.

Zarate managed to interrupt Cardema and did the talking.

Zarate told Cardema that if we follow his logic, let us close down the PMA. Why there were many from their ranks staged a coup d’etat? Many PMAers joined RAM (Reform Armed Forces Movement). They recruit from RAM. Zarate added that their head at CMO is a RAM member. Therefore, we also close down PMA. Let us close down the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Zarate admitted that what Cardema said was partly true. There are students, activists who joined the revolutionary group, commit to sacrifice their lives which he said is the highest form and Zarate said they respect that.

At this juncture, Cardema narrated that he was invited to a meeting wherein the lecturer was a former NPA leader. In the lecture, the former NPA rebel explained that he was former member of CEGP (College Editors Guild Philippines), NUSP, former leader of Bayan Muna and his wife was with Gabriela and they became NPA’s and later promoted as a ranking NPA member.

After 23 years they surrendered and they explained that they really do the recruiting using legal fronts.

Cardema argued that their expose is not red tagging because it’s the NPA returnees who confessed that they are former members of the legal fronts like Bayan Muna and they are telling us not to vote for the legal fronts.

Cardema asked how can this be called red tagging when their former members of legal fronts themselves who confessed that they are NPAs?

BTW, upon quick research, it turned out this video was spliced version of the original clips uploaded on YouTube sometime in May 2019.

Below are the original videos from ABC-CBN News.


Source: Ronald Gian Carlo-Cardema

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