Look: Social media responds to Leah Navarro’s NASAAN ANG PANGULO tweet amidst Marawi crisis

Leah Navarro, a vocal critic of Duterte, turned to Twitter to look for President Duterte while armed militants has been terrorizing Marawi City.

When the people of Marawi need him most, NASAAN ANG PANGULO? Akala ko mahal niya ang Mindanao. Ayan, puno ng terorista, Navarro tweeted.

Senyora, a popular parody account on social media and a known Duterte supporter scolded Navarro in public.

“Di ka ba updated? Nasa Russia nagtatrabaho. Tanga. Hindi naman yan kagaya nung sa Naga na ilang araw bago ang landfall kita na sa forecast na hahagupitin ng bagyo. Wag mo gamitin yang Marawi issue shunga, puro pagkanta kasi inaatupag.”

Mike Acebedo Lopez, another staunch Duterte supporter, took a jab at Navarro by telling that she was mum when Leni Robredo left for New York to meet Loida Lewis despite receiving the news that a strong typhoon was en route to Bicol.

“Leah Navarro, you criticize Digong who just cut short a planned official trip, who was willing to cancel his important meeting with Putin, the most powerful man on the planet, so he could be with his people when they need him the most yet you kept mum when Leni went on with a personal trip to New York to attend a family reunion and to meet with Loida Lewis when her home province was being ravaged by a typhoon. She knew before she left that the typhoon was en route, but she still went to New York anyway.

You don’t see the difference? Now you know why I think you’re an idiot? You, yes you. You’re a raging idiot.”

Netizen James Carlo Llenos Miole couldn’t help but rant against Navarro and Jim Paredes on Facebook in light of the gloating of LP supporters in the like of Navarro and Paredes.

See the difference:

TYPHOON, a forecasted natural calamity: VP Robredo still went on with her scheduled US vacation trip, and came back to the Philippines as per her scheduled return ticket.

TERRORIST ATTACK, an unforeseen adversity: President Duterte cancelled his scheduled state visit to meet with the powerful Russian President to discuss matters on business, counter terrorism, and to strengthen the ties of both nations.

Question: Nasaan ang Pangulo? O nasaan ang Pangalawang Pangulo?!

Leah Navarro and Jim Paredes, and the rest of the hepatic armies. Napaka bobo ninyo, at mga hipokrito pa. Mga bobong hipokrito!

Don’t me. Don’t us. 🇵🇭👊👊👊🇵🇭

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