Look: There is still hope for the country if we have more of the likes of Mr. Norvy Narra

There are still many honest people in the country. Proof of that is the recent post of a netizen about a guy who returned his lost iPhone on the same day he lost it.

 Mr. Norvy Narra

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Kevin Wayne Regalario

In a Facebook post shared by the netizen named Kevin Wayne Regalario, he opened his post praising the man who recovered his iPhone in the public transport on January 22, 2015.

The honest man who returned the lost iPhone is Mr. Norvy Narra from Parang Marikina, married with 4 kids.

Mr. Norvy Narra admitted that he heard a lot of whispers from his surroundings telling him that he could sell the high-end phone to feed his family but in the end, the good triumph over the bad.

Inamin niya na maraming bumuyo sakanya na mga tao sa paligod nito pero hindi raw niya kayang ipakain sa pamilya niya ang pera hindi naman sakanya. Nanaig padin ang kabutihang loob ni Kuya Norvon.

The netizen expresses hope that the likes of Mr. Norvy Narra would thrive in this world and be an inspiration to others.

Naway dumami pa ang mga mabubuting tao katulad ni Kuya Norvy. Kahit maari na siya magkaroon ng bagong cellphone o kumita ng malaking pera mula dito hindi niya ito ginawa dahil sa mabuti niyang puso at magandang intensyon. Sana ay maging inspirasyon ito sa lahat.

According to the netizen, his iPhone slipped out of his pocket without him knowing it as he was in a hurry while riding a public transport.

The netizen admitted he lost all hope to get back his phone, but recovered his faith in humanity when he tried dialing his phone and instantly, the finder answered his phone without and agreed to meet him to return the phone without hesitation.

The netizen wrote that he cried with tears of joy knowing that he almost lost his iPhone, but because there are still a few people in the country who manage to retain their core values.

Spread the good news! Shout out sa mabuting tao na nagbalik ng aking cellphone na si Mr.Norvy Narra from Parang…

Posted by Kevin Wayne Regalario on Saturday, January 23, 2016

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