Look: Vacationing OFW, who got mauled by Chinese-speaking thugs, had premonitions of death based on his FB post

A vacationing OFW who was mauled by a group of Chinese-speaking foreigners had premonitions of his death based on his FB post.

Abigail Gino Basas who worked as a photographer for a cruise ship posted 2 hair-raising memes on his Facebook timeline on March 1, 2017.

The first meme posted on March 1, 2017 says something about walking away when people mistreat you.

‘No matter how badly people treat you, never drop down to their level, just know you’re better and walk away.’

The followup post says something about ‘relationships never die a natural death…they are murdered by ego, disrespect, selfishness or disloyalty.’

On March 4, 2017, Abigail Gino Basas went to a bar to unwind but when he was about to go home, he accidentally bumped one of the bar patrons who took the accident badly.

In the CCTV, a man can be seen casually walking in an alley. Behind his trail, 3 people appeared on the screen apparently running towards his direction.

In the next CCTV footage below, Basas was already cornered by the group, taking turns in delivering killer blows to the hapless OFW.

His friends took to Facebook to enlist the help of social media people in getting justice for Basas.

“Mga friends ko dito sa fb… patulong naman paki-share po yung video attachment sa ibaba… Sya si Abigail Gino Basas, isang OFW, magaling na Luxury Cruise Ship Photographer at Graffiti Artist (1st cousin ng misis ko). Sya yung nasa news kagabi na napatay sa pambubugbog kahapon ng madaling araw sa Tomas Morato. Binugbog sya ng mga foreigners na may mga kasama na hindi bababa sa sampung katao. Salamat! Nasa baba po yung link ng cctv video.”

According to a witness (Lola Nene) who talked to ABS-CBN News, she was awakened by the noise outside her home.

“Tama na. Dto lang muna kami sa pinto namin kasi sa sobrang ingay.”

In the video, a guy wearing a cap (Abigail Gino Basa) was being chased by a group of guys and when cornered, he got beat. Some women allegedly companion of the suspects tried to intervene but to no avail.

A few seconds later, 3 men arrived and helped Basas to stand up and guided him to a parked car.

Basas was brought to the hospital but expired shortly.

The witness, Lola Nene, said that no less than ten people mauled Basas and appeared to be foreigners.

“Hindi Pinoy eh. Nagsasalit ng Intsik eh. Hindi mga Pinoy.”

The QCPD police are investigating the incident and gathering more CCTV footage to help their investigation.

Watch video here courtesy of ABS-CBN News.

Updated video courtesy of GMA NEWSS

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