Look: Video of actual arrest of sister of Maute leaders, 2 companions in Iloilo goes viral

After eluding military checkpoints in Mindanao, the sister of the Maute leaders must have thought that her escape from Mindanao was almost complete after the ship carrying her to Manila left the Cagayan de Oro port.

Uh-oh! Thanks to the Coast Guard personnel who spotted the Maute sister, whose identity has been withheld by the local authorities, at the Cagayan de Oro port.

“Pagpasok sa pier ng Northern Mindanao sa CDO, medyo hindi nakuha ang pagkakakilanlan dahil hindi kawangis ng larawan [sa listahan ng wanted na Maute group members),” the PCG official told DZBB.

After confirming the identity of the Maute sister, Capt. Leopoldo Panopio, commander of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in Northern Mindanao, said he and his men immediately proceeded to Iloilo to intercept 2GO’s MV St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

Note: The passengers were barred from disembarking the ship upon docking in Iloilo port to prevent them from eluding arrest.

When the suspects were approached by the arresting PCG personnel led by Panopio, they neither resisted arrest nor protested of their innocence.

One of the arrested companions of the Maute sister, who is on crutch, requested assistance from the arresting officers when disembarking from the ship. Obviously, he has not mastered using his crutches yet, so he needs help to get up and down the stair.

The arresting officers were kind enough and granted his request.

The kind gesture of the PCG’s has been drawing mixed reactions on social media. Some praised the PCG for the gesture while some did not welcome it.

Gemma Depositario Morenes wrote:“Bakit binigyan pa ng wheelchair? Dapat dyan itulak para gumulong pababa. Demonyong hayop ‘yan! Ilang inosenteng civilians at sundalo’t police ang pinatay nila? He don’t deserve a human like treatment. They should be treated like slaughtered pig!

By the way, squeeze their brain, twist their tongue to extract more information the whereabouts of the remaining Maute’s.”

Helen Garrigues remarked that gesture of the PCG simply is the proof that the Martial law today is different from the Martial Law that they fear.

“See, ang pinakita sa inyo makatao,pro kayong mga nahuli ano ginawa ninyo sa Marawi? Tapos ibang mga ayaw sa Martial Law, kung ano ano sinasabi ninyo sa pangulo…ara na gid nakita kung paano sila hinuli ng atin mga sundalong Marines, makataong paghuli ndi sila sinaktan ginarga pa.”

Below is the actual video when the suspects were arrested.

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Source: GMA News


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