Look: Video of alleged UP student prancing & lip synching “F*ck U Duterte” during UP event angers Duterte supporters, netizens

#CheapShot #Pathetic These are the hashtags used by staunch Duterte supporter Odette Dequito-Javier to describe her indignation at the video making the rounds on Twitter showing a gay performer lip synching and dancing while cussing President Duterte during a UP event.

“Nakita nyo na ba ito? Event daw ng UPBabaylan ito.” Javier wrote on Facebook.

Nakita nyo na ba ito? Event daw ng UPBabaylan ito.#CheapShot#Pathetic

Posted by Odette Dequito-Javier on Sunday, February 16, 2020

Taking the cue from Javier, netizens who’ve watched the video condemned the gay performer in strongest terms and some even demanding the government to stop funding UP to teach them ingrates a lesson.

One netizen wanted the funding for UP discontinued by the government. “Cut the funding to this fucking school! Yawaaa!”

This netizen joked how much was paid to the performer…who paid them to do behave like this? “Magkano binabayad sa kanila… ay este sinu ba ung nag babayad sa kanila para gumawa ng ganyan.”

Another called this embarrassing. He said people like them are pest in our the society, because they bring disrepute to every Filipinos. “Nakakahiya!! salot sa lipunan ang mga kagaya mo lalo na sa reputasyon ng bawat pilipino!”

Those from UP have shallow happiness. Thanks God I enrolled my children at the National University of Singapore, said one netizen. “Ang babaw ng kaligayahan ng mga taga UP. Thanks God dito ko pina aral mga anak ko sa National university of Singapore.”

Is this how the People’s Scholars behave? One netizen asked. The government money they received yearly is a waste. We are being cooked using our own cooking oil. “Ganyan ba ang #Gawa ng mga #ScholarKuno ng bayan… Sayang ang pondo ng gobyerno ang tinatanggap nila taon2….ginigisa tayu sa sarili nating mantika.”

One commenter said this video was taken during the UPLB Feb Fair. She knew this because she went there together with a friend. “Sa UPLB Feb Fair yan. actually nag-aya na si vanhots nung makita nya na bakla ang nagpeperform. mukha naman daw goons tapos nakasuot pambabae. 😂😂 yang part na yan eh naglalakad na kami pauwi.”

One netizen advised the students to graduate as fast as they can because they might get expelled from UP. “Bilisan niyo na pag graduate kase baka mapatalsik na kayo. Sana di kayu makapasok ng trabaho sa Government. PRRD pa rin!”

This netizen believed that UP should stop receiving funding from the government because they can’t even respect the State that give them education, how much more to their parents? “Dapat naman kasi tanggalan na ng budget ang UP kung mismong sa Estado na nag papaaral sa kanila wala na silang respeto sa magulang pakaya nila? Kakagigil.”

I thought they are intelligent, turned out they stupid. Good thing I did not study in UP, said one netizen. “Akala ko matatalino, bugok na man pala. Buti nalang di ako nakapag aral dyan. Kaya pala di na sila pasok sa mga top 10 nga mga board exams.”

Another netizen remarked that these scholars should be dismissed because there are more deserving students who are more sensible. “Dapat sa mga iskolars na yan tanggalin na. Maraming mas deserving na matitino pa.”

This is what happened because the Philippines enjoys too much democracy. The pests in our society abuse this. “Ganito ang sobrang demokrasya ng Pilipinas…binabalasubas lng ng mga salot.tapos lage pa nila sigaw pinapatay ang demokrasya…. mga put ang inanyo….”

One netizen took a swipe at people who complain we have no press freedom. “Tapos sasabihin walang press freedom! Putang press freedom na yan!”

Another commenter said these are the future rebels of the country. “Mga future rebelde ng bayan. Nakakaawa naman mga magulang nyo.”

Meanwhile, this netizen remarked that it appears to him that only 10% of the audience paid attention to the disrespectful behavior of the performer. He said the intent was to anger the public, especially the Duterte supporters. “Mukhang nasa ten percent lang naman ng audience ay aktibo na kagalakan sa kabastosan ng performer. Their intent is to anger us, and it’s working. We have given them reasons for stress, frustration and depression. They just want to return the favor. But they have done nothing but to succeed in reinforcing to our views their long-held image of being intellectually bankrupt.”

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Source: Odette Dequito-Javier

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