Look: Video of Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle dancing to the tune of Sara Geronimo’s “Tala” draws different reactions from Pinoy Facebook netizens

I guess Sara Geronimo’s dance hit song “Tala” needs no further introduction because it is so popular that even the Cardinal of Manila Archbishop Tagle has caught on with the dance craze.

A video of Cardinal Tagle dancing to the tune of Sara Genonimo’s song and dance hit “Tala” has been making the rounds on socmed just recently.

The video was uploaded on Facebook on February 17, 2020 by a netizen who hide himself using the name Алонто Ариэль aka Yeng Abinales.

The uploader, by the tone of her voice, wasn’t happy with what she saw and wrote a scathing caption.

“The Tala-Tala ‘Cardinal’ of Vatican II!

Here is ‘Archbishop’ Luis Antonio ‘Cardinal’ Tagle! Yes! He is making a show in the sanctuary!

The Novus Ordo is a complete package of craziness.

They already have the Tala-Tala “priests” and the Tala-Tala “nuns”. And they have now the Tala-Tala “cardinal” who is currently the Prefect of the Congregation of the Evangelization of Peoples.

How will this guy evangelize the people? By dancing and crying. Period.

In the video, the Cardinal can be seen doing the dance moves in front of a cheering church goers, while the Cardinal can also be heard laughing to his heart content.

The Cardinal can be seen holding a picture frame of himself, if I was not mistaken.

The brief video was shot using a camera phone lasted only 42 seconds.

It was not known if the uploader was the one who took the video.

As of this writing, the video of the dancing Cardinal has generated 1,587+ shares, 35,000+ views, 1209 comments and 707 reactions and counting.

Netizens who’ve watched it has offered varied opinions on the video.

This netizen defended the Cardinal without hesitation, hitting those who criticized as hypocrites. “If there is one big hypocrite here, it’s him who criticizes the Cardinal. Is it unlawful for him to dance and be happy? What do you want of him, to display bitterness than celebrating joy and gladness in service?

I don’t see any problem here. Why, because the act is not within the liturgical celebration. He is not violating the Canon law or any law, thereof.

Wake-up! Give joy as a Christian! “

Another netizen asked fellow netizens to stop judging the Cardinal based on what they saw. “Hey stop making your own judgement remember priest are sacred people respect they are ordained ur the fool ignorante kayo

Meanwhile, this netizen believed what the Cardinal did is blasphemous. “This is blasphemy of the altar…Tagle, you have no right occupying that post!!!”

You may watch the video below now.


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Source: Алонто Ариэль

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