Look: Video of Chinese nurse giving “air hug” to her daughter amid coronavirus outbreak breaks the hearts of internet

The video of a Chinese nurse working in one of the hospitals in Henan province giving “air hug” to her crying daughter has hundreds of thousands of netizens crying buckets of tears.

The video was shared on the Facebook page of China Xinhua News on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 and it did not take long for the video of the emotional video of the mother and daughter tandem to melt the hearts of social media users from all over the globe.

As of this writing, the video has gathered 378,000+ reactions, 216,000+ comments and 10M+ views on Facebook and counting.

In the video, the mother can be heard telling her daughter to “be good”. She told her sobbing daughter that “mum is fighting monsters” and assured her “I’ll be back home as soon as virus is beaten”.

The Chinese nurse was identified as Liu Haiyan. The hospital disallowed any contact with families so when her husband and daughter brought her dumplings, she would just give her daughter an “air hug” as a gesture of encouragement to the inconsolable child.

One netizen said the video of the mother and daughter broke her heart and prayed for the safety of the brave doctors and nurses in China. “So sad😞 it breaks my heart, poor child not knowing when she’ll be able to hug her mother again, all my prayers are with all the brave doctors and nurses in China and the City of Wuhan and Hubei Province for sacrificing their lives, this is a horrible situation and I pray that soon all this will be over. God Bless You all. 🙏”

Another netizen echoed the sentiment of the commenter above. “This is so heartbreaking. Praying for everyone’s safety. Praying very hard for this situation to be over, for the affected to be healed so everyone can go back to their normal lives and families to be reunited with their love ones. Godbless all those brave and courageous nurses, doctors and frontliners who risked their very own lives.Godbless everyone❤❤❤🙏 “

“So heartbreaking; can’t control my tears in the reality of those who are working 24 hrs at the hospital for the sake & welfare of those who are affected leaving their loved ones behind & fulfilling their noble duties; wishing & praying for the immediate relief, cure & containment of this nightmare taking place in China esp in the city of Wuhan & Hubei province, God bless u all,” another netizen chimed in.

“Great efforts. This is heart touching. we express our strong solidarity towards chinese people and government to come out from this difficult situation. We pray to god for fast recovery,” said another commenter.

Another commenter said she understand how it feels to be away from family in times of crisis. “I know how it feels to be away from family in times of crises in the hospital. We are the first people that cannot leave the premises. our duty to mankind comes first before family. “

Chinese nurse in coronavirus-hit hospital gives her sobbing daughter "air hug"

A Chinese nurse in a coronavirus-hit hospital in Henan Province gives her sobbing daughter an "air hug." #coronavirus

Posted by China Xinhua News on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

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Source: China Xinhua News

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