Look: Video of Mar Roxas contradicts his earlier claim on TV ad he is no drama queen

A post mocking at Mar Roxas claim on his TV ad that he is unlike the other candidates — no drama queen or a bully but all work — is doing the rounds online.

Mar Roxas

Mar Roxas TV ad

The video comprises of two parts: the first part of the video shows the TV ad of Mar Roxas wherein he can be heard taking a dig at his Presidential rivals by calling them respectively as a bully, corrupt or full of drama and presenting himself as a serious and no fuss candidate.

The second part of the video shows the Mar Roxas answering the fundamental question why he wants to be the next President of the country.

Roxas did his best to win the TV audience and vote for him because according to Roxas he wants the people to enjoy the life his family is enjoying — a life free from worry about money to buy food or pay for the doctor when a family member is sick.

The video is slowly gaining views from the netizens critical to the administration candidate who has been the subject of memes and posts portraying Roxas as the “epal” king.

Despite the proliferation of critical memes and article post from anti-administration blogs, the Mar Roxas camp refuses to change its campaign strategy of projecting Mar Roxas as a pro-poor candidate as the campaign period is in full swing.

The video has so far generated 15,332 views and still growing as of Tuesday afternoon.

The video elicited mostly negative and unsympathetic comments against the LP candidate which is expected as the netizens making comments are pro-Duterte crowd.

Laughtrip ako dito! Nakakaawa si MAR!Credit to the owner

Posted by Dugong Maharlika on Monday, February 22, 2016

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