Look: Video showing VP Leni Robredo allegedly refusing to hug old woman during Batangas visit surfaces online, netizens slam VP, calls her “plastic”

A video allegedly showing VP Leni Robredo avoiding an old woman evacuee who was trying to give the vice president a hug has been making the rounds online.

The video was posted by the Facebook page called “The Leader I Want” on January 16, 2020 with the caption: “LENI ROBREDO UMIWAS SA YAKAP. Akala siguro ni mam wala nakatutok na camera sa kaniya kaya ganyan. (Leni Robredo avoids the embrace. Perhaps she thought that there was no camera, that’s why she did it.)”

In the video, an old woman in simple dress can be seen giving Vice President Leni Robredo a very warm welcome by attempting to beso-beso the esteemed guest, accompanied by a hug or the old woman simply wanted to give the VP a hug? The VP tried to reciprocate the gesture by wrapping her right hand at the shoulder of the old woman, like she was ready to give the woman a hug.

But, for reason we don’t know, the Vice President leaned away from the old woman, thus rendering the attempted embrace a failure.

Instead, Robredo turned her attention towards the old man lying in the concrete floor, who was assisted by a woman, probably his wife, to come to a sitting position albeit struggling, as a sign of respect to the unexpected guest.

The video was abruptly cut, perhaps the uploader of the video thought that was enough proof to show who the real Robredo is.

You may check the video if you agree with the assertion of the FB page that indeed the VP isn’t exactly the pro-masa, down-to-earth leader that her camp wants us to believe.


Akala siguro ni mam wala nakatutok na camera sa kaniya kaya ganyan.

Posted by The Leader I Want on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Meanwhile, netizens who have watched the video are unanimous – Leni Robredo avoided the embrace, therefore she is fake.

 One commenter wrote: “😂😂😂 Leni Robredo, the plastik spotted!”

Another netizen commented that these are the hallmark of dilawans. They are not only dumb but hypocrites. “Yan ang mga dilawan… Maliban sa mga bobo na hipokrita pa… 🤣🖕🏽”

“Kitang kita! Hindi fake news!” another one remarked.

Definitely, Robredo will take a bath with alcohol once she gets home. All she knows is publicity stunt.

“Maliligo yan ng alcohol pag-uwi nya. Panay publicity stunt lang ginagawa nya. “

“Yan Ang pang presidente. Pakitang Tao hahaha kunwari concern sa pilipino hahaha,” another netizen laughed at what she just witnessed.

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Source: The Leader I Want

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