Look: Video suggests the mainstream media always put Duterte in a bad light but failed

A video posted by Mocha Uson Blog assails the mainstream media for always putting Duterte in a bad light is doing the rounds online.

A case in point is the first video when Duterte visited Bacoor City and one of the supporters of Senator Bong Revilla asked the former a hypothetical question: “In case you win in the coming election as president of the Philippines, will you be fair during the trial of our beloved Senator? He was incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit.”

Mayor Duterte’s reply went like this: “You can be very sure he will get out of jail. I cannot guarantee that his case will be erased, but I will see to it that he is afforded the right to bail.”

The video was apparently cut to serve as a teaser for the article containing the juicy details that will follow later.

Unfortunately, once the cut version travels the realm of the internet, it is now open for interpretation from the viewers and may do more harm than good.

True enough, critics took the opportunity to strike Mayor Duterte because of the shortened video.

Cleary Duterte is just another TRAPO. Against corruption daw pero papalayain ang corrupt, with a plunder case which is non-bailable!

Roxas camp on Duterte

In the uncut version of the video, Mayor Duterte can be heard providing justification of his statement on allowing Senator Revilla to post bail based on the premise that the evidence against the latter is weak.

Duterte to get Bong Revilla out of jail

This is what Duterte promised to the Revilla clan's supporters in Bacoor City, Cavite yesterday.

Posted by Philippines Defense Forces Forum on Thursday, January 21, 2016

In the next video, Mayor Duterte explained why Arroyo and Revilla should be granted bail.

They should be granted the right to bail, if the evidence against is weak. They have been detained for so long. Gloria Arroyo has been inside the prison for 6 years, but nothing is moving. So if she would go to court and ask justice by saying, “They want the right to bail because it is not moving or she might want for the dismissal.”

Mayor Duterte further added, “It is not matter of bail. It is the matter of the merit of the case. You juts don not put to prison people if you don not have enough evidence to sent them to jail.”

This Duterte statement elicited a response from a critic and quote:

Mayor, have you forgotten that plunder is a non-bailable offense? Do you need to be reminded about the separation of powers among the three branches of the government? Are you trying to prove what your opponents have been saying that you have a soft heart for big criminals? Can you not see the hatred of many Filipinos towards corrupt politicians, the very reason why they are supporting you? Should your supporters be happy because Senator Enrile was allowed to post bail and now he is trying to bail out his mistress who is a plunderer too? Where is your team of advisers who should tell you that “lose lips sink ships”.

But after doing a quick a research, I found an interesting blog post to debunk the statement made by the netizen about plunder being non-bailable.

Is Plunder Bailable or Non-bailable?

You must have read and heard this from the media countless of times: plunder is a non-bailable offense. And no one cared. But I guess it’s important to put the subject in proper perspective. Given media’s broad reach, clout, and influence, I won’t be surprised if the “public” has come to believe so by now.
“But isn’t it, in fact, non-bailable?” you might ask. The answer is no. It is not non-bailable. It is bailable.

Nowhere in R.A. 7080, the law on plunder, does it say that plunder is a non-bailable offense. The reason is R.A. 7080, cannot go against the fundamental law of the land, the Constitution.

You may read the full article here by clicking the link for further explanation.

In the next video, senatoriables such as de Lima, Lacson and Drilon lectured Duterte on the separation of the Executive and the Judicial branches of government. In short, they are telling Duterte that he has no right to intervene the cases against Revilla and Arroyo. Please watch the video for details.

In the next video, Senator Cayetano defended Mayor Duterte on his earlier pronouncements of granting bail to Revilla and Arroyo by quoting the Constitution in regard to plunder. Senator Cayetano explained that:

Any lawyer would tell you, regardless of the name involved, the Constitution says that if it reclusion perpetua or heavier penalties and the evidence is strong, no bail. So if the evidence is weak, that means it is bailable.

In the next few minutes, Cayetano lamented how the Aquino government failed to act on the cases against Gloria Arroyo like the Fertilizer Fund Scam and the Hello Garci backed by stronger evidences while electing to file a case against the latter on the Intelligence Fund which the former said stands on porous grounds and conviction is unlikely for the simple reason that the allies of Pnoy are embroiled in the stronger cases too.


DUTERTE, PABOR PAKAWALAN SI GLORIA AT SI REVILLA? Yan po ang madalas na itanong sa akin ng mga tao. Madalas po na ma-misquote si DUTERTE dahil hindi buo ang inalalabas ng media o yung tinatawag nating "SOUND BITES". Kaya naman agad siyang hinuhusgahan ng mga tao. Panuorin po natin ang Video na ito at i-share natin upang maliwanagan ang ating mga kababayan.

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Monday, February 29, 2016

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