Look: YELLOWS allegedly offered P2M to delos Santos family to join anti-Duterte rally?

A post accusing the ‘YELLOWS’ or the Liberal Party stalwarts of offering P2M to the parents of Kian delos Santos has been making the rounds online lately.

The P2M bribe has been revealed by journalist Jojo Robles on Facebook at 4:25 PM today, August 29,2017.

According to Robles, in exchange for the P2 million, Kian’s parents was to join that anti-tyranny thingy launching yesterday, where they were to be paraded as Exhibits A and B.

However, the YELLOWS were in for a huge surprise after the delos Santos family went with PAO Chief Persida Acosta to Duterte instead.

The delos Santos’ elicited this heartwarming comment from the journalist and read:

“Yes, some people, though poor, can’t be bought.”

Meanwhile, Jojo Robles’ Facebook post as been picked up by Paula Defensor Knack, which she shared on her Facebook page, eliciting angry reactions among Knack’s social media followers.

Here’s how the meme was captioned by Paula Knack.

“Por Dios! Pati namatayan gagamitin pa! Kape!!!”

Bobbie Schalkhammer commented: “Salamat sa Dios at hindi sila nasilaw sa 2M…”

Judith Omana remarked: “pahiya si montivirus trililing at mga LP…pera pera.pera”

Helen Landero Punay reacted: “Wow Peachie Atty Paula Defensor Knack yan ang hula ko last week ah galing yan hula ko 2million nga hala lagi tama hula ko hihihi TY Madame You created a lot of help and for all of us Pinoys and the world Kudos sa iyo hugs❤️❤️❤️🙏🎈👍”

Paolo Malig couldn’t help but take a swipe at the CBCP: “Ano ngayon masasabi ng CBCP na maka dilaw? Pinagmamalaki ng iba sa CBCP na disente sila at mga alagad ng Diyos ngunit nagpagamit sa dilawan.”

Paola Julia Sanchez wrote: “ganyan cla kaganid sa kapangyarihan..kaya fake yung dalaw nila kay kian..its all politically motivated.kasi kung totoong concern cla mga namatay sa war on drugs.this is not the first tym na namatay. bakit now lang cla dumalaw sa namatayan.ay naku baguhin nio namn ang script nio”

As of this writing, Jojo Robles’ post has gathered 2,146 shares, 4,220 reactions and a dozen comments on Facebook.

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