Lopez responds to Lacson’s allegation of having a ‘personality disorder’, a ‘drug addict’

The verbal war between Gina Lopez and Sen. Panfilo Lacson started after the former got rejected in the Commission on Appointments for the DENR position.

If you’d been following the news, Lacson was one of the CA members who voted “NO” against Lopez’s appointment as DENR Secretary.

Lopez’s rejection in the CA started a heated war between the pro and anti-Lopez camps.

Adding fuel to the fire was the rumor floating in the mainstream and social media about “lobby money” which Lopez even mentioned on national TV.

PRRD further fueled the “lobby money” rumor when he spoke about it on national TV.

The lobby money rumor hurt the feelings of Sen. Panfilo Lacson, forcing him to came out with a statement defending his “NO” vote.

Lacson’s “NO” vote did not come as a surprise to many people but his reasons for rejecting Gina Lopez turned out to be the bombshell. You may check the link here for details.

Meanwhile, Gina Lopez took to social media to defend herself from Lacson’s ugly rumor by sharing the letter of Bob Garon, the president of DARE, the drug rehab that Lopez would have been admitted.

Check out the full text of her post below.

“I have been accused by Senator Lacson of having a ‘personality disorder’ and being a ‘drug addict’. This was based on a document published over 40 years ago. The accusations have been repeated and so I would like to respond.

This issue has been previously published by Manila Standard which is understandable given the paper is owned by mining interests. It is not surprising that they and continue to take every opportunity to drag me down.

It is a completely different thing to have an elected Senator of the Philippines who should be abiding by the highest form of truth accusing without the “due process” of validation. Clearly this is an attempt to justify his rejection of my appointment.
When I was 18 years old, and schooling in Boston, I met a movement called Anada Marga. In their ashram, I had a spiritual experience and had asked my family if I could stop my schooling after the first year to do missionary work (At that time they were actively involved in distributing relief goods). I ended up leaving home and not going to school. Understandably this made my parents very worried especially when in their investigation the group had a dubious reputation.

So, they put me under the care of Fr. Bob Garon who was the head of DARE Foundation to get me away from the programming of the group. The group then filed a case against my mother because they were not comfortable about me being in a drug center. I was very well cared for under Fr. Bob and I truly believe everyone (including Ananda Marga) did what they did out of concern for me. It is stooping to very low levels for Sen. Lacson to bring up something which had happened more than 40 years ago just to throw mud on my character.

I am attaching photos of an email sent by Fr. Bob that may serve as proof that the accusations of Senator Lacson are false and lack further research.

I advise Sen. Lacson to just focus on his senatorial duties rather than continuing to besmear my character. Or in the very least to pay the high ground. I talk about him only to prove that his accusations of being unfit, and not following due process, and worse being dangerous have no foundation at all.”

Check out the screenshots of the post of Bob Garon below clearing the name of Gina Lopez.

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