Lower crime stats registered in Zamboanga in 2017 attributed to Duterte’s war on drugs

While critics continue to downplay the effectiveness of Duterte’s war on drugs campaign, recent crime stats continue to prove the critics wrong.

The latest crime data from Zamboanga City is a big slap to the faces of Duterte’s critics as the Zamboanga City Police attributed Duterte’s war on drugs in bringing down the crime rate in the city.

According to PTV News, the 2017 crime rate in Zamboanga City when compared to the same period in 2015, from January to April, went down significantly.

In 2015, 5,384 crimes were registered from January to April. During the same period in 2017, 3,537 crimes were registered by the Zamboanga City Police. This constitutes a 34% percent drop in Zamboanga City’s crime rate.

PTV talked to the Zamboanga City Police Chief and this is what he has to say.

Nung mapuo ang ating mahal na Presidente, Rodrigo Roa Duterte at saka itong ating Chief PNP, Director General dela Rosa, at this was implemented sa lahat ng unit ng PNP at here in Zamboanga City, it has a positive effect dahil marami kasi ang crimes na drug-related ang nangyayari dito sa Zamboanga City.

Because of the lower crime rate in the city, residents express their support of Duterte’s war on drugs campaign because according to Zamboanga residents, they feel safer from the criminals.

Hernando Francisco said: “Okay naman tahimik. At saka para wala na ang droga.”

Another Zambonga resident remarked: “Sa ngayon, ok naman. Mas tahimik siya ngayon.”

Meanwhile, in Zamboanga City Police 136 operation against illegal drugs, 201 suspects were arrested, 2 killed for fighting it out with arresting police and 136 drug surrenderees.

When asked what they did to the drug surrenderees, this is what the Zambonga City Police Chief has to say on the matter.

“We refer them back to the community, the barangays. Ah, meron tayong mga iniumpisahang mga programa sa mga barangays. Ito ay mga community-based rehabilitations natin. And here in Zamboanga City, we have a project, na Duterte program, initiated by the DOH…ah meron certain period, na nag-undergo sila ng mga training, lectures. Ganaun din sa PNP,meron kaming HOPE program. Ito yung healing and oneness policy for employment and education.”

Video courtesy of PTV News.

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