Loyal Duterte supporter’s brilliant reply to Kakampinks decrying huge disparity of OVP budget then & now: “It’s called worth. One is WORTHIER than the other”

VP Inday Sara Duterte Carpio’s office asked for P2.3B budget for the year 2023 and in case you missed the news, Congress approved the request during the budget deliberation in just a few minutes.

Critics, especially the Kakampink supporters, can’t help but lament the huge disparity of the OVP budget then and now. One netizen even remarked that Robredo’s budget was obviously “inipit” to borrow her word, by the previous Congress while the same cannot said of the current Congress who are generous in granting VP Inday Sara’s request for a bigger budget.

Here are some of the tweets of Leni supporters lamenting the disparity.

In response to the noisy Kakampinks on Twitter comparing VP Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio’s 2023 budget and Leni Robredo, a loyal supporter of the Dutertes will try to explain why Congress gave VP Inday Sara a huge budget for 2023 while the previous Congress did not give Leni Robredo that amount.

Basically, the loyal Duterte supporter put herself in the shoes of an investor looking for an opportunity to invest her money.

To make the story short, the lady investor found two businessmen who needs P200,000 and P600,000 respectively. Can you guess where she decided to put her money in?

The businessman who P600,000 capital. Do you know why?

According to her, she chose the latter because she has confidence the said businessman will give her a good ROI (return of investment) for her money and of course, there is an element of trust.

In other words, CONFIDENCE matters.

This is also the same reason why the current Congress did not hesitate to grant VP Inday Sara’s request for P2.3B budget because they have faith in her.

But here’s what the loyal Duterte said in the end, which in my opinion, left 13,650 netizens awestruck if judging by their reactions on Facebook:

It’s not the amount, it’s the value. Filipinos LOVE value. It’s called worth. One is WORTHIER than the other.

By the way, the loyal supporter who penned the brilliant FB post is none other than Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu.

You may now read the original FB post below.

Meron akong 500k to invest.

May dalawang gusto mag invest ako sa kanila.

Yung isa, 200k lang daw ok na sya.

Yung isa, 600k daw need nya.

Binigay ko sa 600k yung money. Dinagdagan ko pa ng 400k para maging P1M kasi bilib ako sa kanya. Kasi alam ko my money is safe with her and totoong may result.

Sabi nung 200k, kahit daw 20k nalang invest ko sa kanya. Sabi ko Kahit 2k hindi ako mag i-invest, because she doesn’t deserve the 2k because wala akong bilib sa kanya at sa kompanya nya. Kahit 200 ayoko.

And that is why nobody cares about the disparity between the 900 million and the P2.3 billion.

Something is only expensive if it’s wasted on the wrong people. This is what we call value for money.

It’s not the amount, it’s the value. Filipinos LOVE value.

It’s called worth. One is WORTHIER than the other.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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