LP hiring protesters to attend EDSA People Power anniversary for 500-700 pesos per head warns Duterte supporter

The EDSA People Power 1 anniversary is just around the corner and there is a meme making the rounds online about a prayer vigil to commemorate the event.

The meme is a screengrab from an SMS allegedly being passed around to drum up support for the 31st EDSA People Power 1 anniversary which by the way have seen dwindling crowd year after year.

But this year, it appears that some groups with vested interest is planning to hijack the event and turn it into a Duterte ouster plot.

In light of the huge support enjoyed by Pres. Duterte from the people, the ouster plan is unlikely to succeed.

But this won’t stop his haters to give a try and hope to build on from whatever little gains they will get from their February 25th plot.

The million dollars question is where do they get the numbers on top of their loyal supporters to attend the EDSA People Power 1 31st anniversary vigil rally?

Perhaps, the answer lies in the post of one of Duterte’s social media influencers.

On February 12, 2017, Eric Clark Su wrote on Facebook:

May tumawag. Kaibigan ko daw siya noon at hanggang ngayon.
Him: Pare, I need at least 1,000 people to join ur EDSA People Power anniversary on February 25th.
Me: May order na ba ang Malacanang in this preparation?
Him: Hindi pare, sa Liberal Party group ito. Budget per head is P1,000 but siyempre ang ibibigay natin sa mga sasali ay P500 to P700 lang para may “mobilization fund” tayo…
Me: O sige pare, hanap ka… Huwag mo akong idamay sa kagaguhan ninyo!

Via ED Dan Verzola

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