Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade bursts bubble of Bayan Muna’s Gaite who said he speaks of the “voice of the people”

The gall of Ferdinand Gaite.

Southern Luzon Commander Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., spokesperson of the NTF ELCAC, slammed Bayan Muna party-list Representative Ferdinand Gaite lately for his audacity to claim that he and his colleagues in the Makabayan bloc are the “voice of the people”.

“He speaks of the “voice of the people”- these protesters, the noisy and belligerent minority- as if they represent the Filipino people.”

Gen. Parlade, in an emphatic tone, told Gaite to wake up from his fantasy that 100 people of his supporters represents the majority of Filipinos.

“Wake up Rep Gaite and listen to what majority of the people are saying. Yong sandaan mo ay hindi kailanman puedeng maging representante ng nakakarami nating mga estudyante.”

The General chided Gaite for abusing the word “diktador” in public discourse to attack the government when it is a fact that they’ve been trying to bring down our democratic institution and replaced it with a communist government.

“Puro ka “diktador”. Matagal nyo nang gustong pabagsakin ang ating demokrasya upang palitan ng kumunismo nyong ipinaglalaban.

The General reminded Gaite about his earlier statement describing the Philippines of having well-functioning democratic government and yet the General lamented Gait and company want to destroy what he called well-functioning government? The General also couldn’t reconcile the fact the CPP’s Constitution Plans and Programs series 2017 says about patronizing “proletaryang dictadura” and “demokratikong diktadura”. He asked Gaite to explain to the Filipino people what those means before calling the government “dictator’.

“Now you talk of well-functioning democratic government citing the 1987 Constitution? Well functioning pala bakit gusto nyong sirain? Ilantad nyo kung ano ang nasa inyong CPP Constitution Plans and Programs series 2017.
Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng “…pagtangkilik sa proletaryang dictadura at ..demokratikong diktadura..? Art 3 Section 7 page 24 yan ng bibliya mo, Gaite. Ipaliwanag mo yan sa taong bayan bago mo husgahan ang gobyerno na isang diktadura.”

Meanwhile, the General responded to the accusation of Gaite that the AFP and NTF ELCAC of being peddler of lies. He said that the AFP attended the senate inquiry specifically to deny such accusation, took an oath before the Senate Committee and for that reason, can be held liable for perjury but the same cannot be said of Gaite and the Makabayan Bloc who deliberately skipped the senate inquiry to avoid the confrontation with the AFP.

“You accuse us, the AFP and the NTF ELCAC as peddlers of lies and disinformation? We went to the Senate to attend the inquiry specifically about these lies you accuse us of.

We took our oath to tell the truth to the Senate Committee.
But where were you Mr Gaite? We didn’t see a whisper of your shadow. Why are you so afraid of us?”

The General took a swipe at the communist ideology of Gaite and the Makabayan bloc whose proletarian dictatorship does not believe in giving democratic space to critics but only our 1987 Constitution.

“Indeed our 1987 Constitution provides you that democratic space which your CPP Constitution and proletarian dictatorship will never allow.”

Gen. Parlade could only wonder why Gaite and company is so scared to face him that they set a condition to attend senate probe only if the good General is not invited?

“But again, where were you? Why set conditions that you will only attend if LTGen Parlade will not attend?

Are you afraid to take an oath that you will not lie and be forced to admit your direct participation in this armed conflict being waged by the CPP NPA, being members of the CPP yourselves?”

The General mentioned Angel asking him about Gaite and company’s recalcitrant attitude towards the senate probe. He told Angel he didn’t also have the answer.

“People are asking why you didn’t attend. Even Angel Locsin asked me that question which of course I cannot answer.”

The General expressed optimism that Gaite and company will attend the next hearing,. BTW, the Makabayan Bloc actually did attend yesterday’s senate hearing after General Parlade gave in to their special request.

“Maybe next hearing you will attend to provide us answers.
We welcome activism and we will protect legitimate activists.”

The General sounded confident the ATA (anti Terror Law) will exposed members of the CPP NPA hiding under the legal mantle of the CPP “fronts”.

“But the Anti Terror Law has drawn the battle lines. Members of the underground organizations and terrorists hiding under the legal mantle of these CPP “fronts” belonging to the Kamatayan bloc will be exposed by their own comrades.”

The General sounded unapologetic to break the bad news to Gaite and company, which is their lies and hidden dark agendas have been exposed to the light.

“They can no longer be called legitimate dissenters as their agenda is clear: it is not dissent, it is sedition. It is to topple a democratically elected President, with the help of an opposition who has no explanation and legal solution to contest a highly trusted, wildly popular President.

That’s the sad truth Mr Gaite, about your old, worn-out narrative of a tyrant of a president: no one buys it but your hundred and one followers.”

The General added that despite the heavy opposition, the NTF ELCAC will not give them an inch.

“Shall we, the NTF ELCAC accede? Shall we bend back in acquiescence?
No, we have drawn the line.”

The General, in emphatic tone, told Gaite to make up his mind where to make a stand.

“You decide where to sit.

The Day of Judgement is upon you and the Filipino people, who have suffered enough from the malignant hands of the CPP NPA NDF of which you are part of, sit in Judgement.”

Finally, General Parlade give the victims of NPA atrocities something to look forward to.

“And soon, very soon, blood debts will be settled.”

LTGen Antonio Parlade


Source: Lorraine Marie Badoy

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