Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade silences Teddy Casiño on Twitter with a simple but brilliant tweet reply

The screenshot photo of Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.’s reply tweet to a netizen on Twitter who was taking a pot shots at the police organization because of the Jonel Nuezca incident has been making a buzz on Facebook.

The General replied that when a certain Datu Jumar Bucales was peppered with bul!et$ by an off-duty NPA, the netizen did not say a word; when a policeman threw his body over a grenade hurled by a terrorist to protect civilians, again the netizen was mum. And now, because of a crazed off-duty cop, the netizen has a mouthful to say.

The General’s on point rebuttal and dismantling of the line of argument of the netizen has been getting a lot of love from netizens.

As of this writing, MJ Quiambao Reyes’ FB post has elicited 3,350 reactions, 2,700+ of which hit the like emoji, 519 hit the laugh emoji and 65 hit the heart emoji.

The netizens was overwhelmingly behind Gen. Parlade as shown in the comments below.

This netizen has a clear understanding of what the Twitter netizen critical of the PNP was trying to achieve.

“Sinasawsawan lang nila yung isolated case na issue and try to blow it out of proportion just so they can get sympathy from people . These hungry for power and money politicians will do anything to have their way. I just hope Filipinos now will not fall for this kind of trickery of emotional baiting just to get votes this coming election.”

Another netizen shared the sentiment of the previous commenter.

“Yung mga mahilig magsisigaw jan ng “aktibista, hindi terorista”, yan talaga yung tahimik kapag may ginagawang kabulastugan at karahasan ang mga NPA eh. Pero kapag may ganap na pwede isingit sa admin ngayon, kay iingay.”

“Tama! Very quiet sila kapag mga teroristang NPA ang pumatay mga civilian at pulis!” said another netizen.

This netizen said it best to describe the Opposition and Duterte critics. “Dilawan, anti Duterte, and opposition are the classic examples of hypocrites”

Below is the original reply tweet of Gen. Parlade to the Twitter netizen he just turned into a toasted bread.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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