Lucy Torres-Gomez dazzles netizens with brilliant defense of NTF-ELCAC budget

In reaction to Lucy Torres-Gomez’s brilliant defense on why the budget of NTF-ELCAC should not be scrapped, Tio Moreno, a staunch Duterte supporter, can’t help but write an equally brilliant compliment to describe the Leyte Representative.

On Facebook, Moreno writes:

“In a country where the likes of Liza Soberano Angel Locsin Angelica Panganiban Agot Isidro Nina Ellaine and Maria Ressa exist, be like Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez – – – a woman of BEAUTY and BRAINS.”

Moreno argued that it should be a a good mix of beauty and brains not just one unless you are an evil person.

“It should be a ‘balance of both,’ not just one impacting factor. Unless kong impakta ka 🤣”

As of this writing, Tio Moreno’s FB post has generated 5,700+ reactions, 257 shares and 151 comments and growing.

A quick glance of the comments of netizens show that netizens agree with the compliments showered by Moreno on Lucy Torres-Gomez.

Commenting on the thread, one netizen wrote: “beauty and brains! makes us proud to be Filipino!”

To which another netizen replied: “Beauty and brains.. with breeding…not epal…not arte… at hindi matapobre.. if she run for senator.. i’m sure panalo to”

“Some do it for publicity….she does it with beauty, class and elegance PLUS BRAIN….” another netizen commented.

This netizen wants the following celebs to take a page from Lucy:“Liza and angel should learn from lucy.. the rest of the girls are not that pretty so i will not include them . Lol”

Meanwhile, by the tone of her voice, a fellow Ormocana explained why Lucy is very passionate in supporting the government’s anti-insurgency drive: “Why is she passionate about ending insurgency in our country because they themselves had been a victim of extortion in Ormoc and one reason nganong nilansar sya ka-Congresswoman because they needed protection from the insurgents especially they own big lands and these insurgents are lurking with their humble workers of their land thieving their hard earn money!”

Some folks hope to see Lucy Torres-Gomez takes the plunge and run for a senate seat come 2022 election.

“I hope she will run to SENATE come 2022 under admin ticket!!!”

“We should prepare seat for her in the senate”


Source: Tio Moreno

In a country where the likes of Liza Soberano Angel Locsin Angelica Panganiban Agot Isidro Nina Ellaine and Maria Ressa…

Posted by Tio Moreno on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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