“Ma’am, you have a lot of explaining to do…” — Radio host to Angel Locsin denying being ABS-CBN stockholder

Uh-oh! It appears that Angel Locsin has a lot of explaining to do to the public and to Deputy Speaker Marcoleta and company according to radio host Mark Lopez in his latest FB post.

Lopez was referring to the actress’ statement issued in front of the ABS-CBN rally yesterday, denying she has shares of stocks of ABS-CBN.

Lopez said Locsin’s statement presents a huge problem. Lopez had the impression that Locsin was lying through her teeth.

‘May malaking problema tayo sa banat mo kahapon.

Looks like you are lying.’

Lopez could only ask Locsin in exasperation why deny being a ABS-CBN stockholder when it is publicly documented?

‘You deny being a stockholder of ABS CBN, when it is publicly documented?’

Lopez reckoned Locsin must have a qualifier for her assertion like, ‘Baka may qualifier ang assertion mo na “As of today, hindi na ako stockholder?”‘

However, Lopez insisted that public records of ABS-CBN stockholders is proof that Angel Locsin was not being truthful.

‘Still, records show that you are even No.29 (under your real name Angelica Colmenares) on the list of top 100 stockholders of the Kapamilya Network.’

Lopez questioned Locsin if denying owning ABS-CBN shares in front of fellow Kapamilya was simply her way of trying to prop herself on stage or to elicit sympathy by playing with the crowd’s emotions?

‘Now, when you emphatically state na hindi ka stockholder in a very public forum, ano yan, are you just trying to prop yourself sa stage? Trying to elicit sympathy from the crowd by manipulating and playing with their emotions?’

Lopez further weighed if Angel Locsin’s statement was an attempt to mislead her fellow ABS-CBN employees (particularly the ordinary employees) into thinking she is one of them.

‘Considering na mga displaced workers ang karamihan sa audience mo, ano yang declaration mo yan, an attempt to mislead them into thinking na isa ka sa kanila?’

Lopez pressed on and asked Locsin what she thinks of her denial statement, if she did not put herself, network and management in an compromising situation?

‘And yang outright denial mo na yan, don’t you think na ipinahamak mo ang sarili mo and your network and its management?’

Lopez said that if Angel Locsin is telling the truth, he wanted to clarify whether the actress allowed herself to act as dummy of another individual?

‘Kasi kung totoo yang sinasabi mo na wala kang shares pero may nakalista na Angelica Colmenares sa list ng stockholders, does that mean pinagamit mo pangalan mo pero iba talaga may ari ng shares under your name?’

In other words, Lopez remarked that Locsin inadvertently revealed she was just a dummy.

‘Because you are saying wala kang shares, are you now revealing na dummy ka lang?’

On that note, Lopez couldn’t help but speculate that the other actors listed as ABS-CBN stockholders are also dummies like her.

‘And if ganyan ang ginawa sa iyo, does it follow ung ibang kapwa mo artista na nakalista, eh ganun din ang totoong status, mga dummy lang din sila?’

Lopez asked Locsin how she will explain this during the hearing in Congress.

Pano mo ipapaliwanag yan kina AnaKalusugan Partylist Cong. Mike Defensor Cong Rodante Marcoleta and Cong Boying Remulla?’

Lopez ended the open letter with a warning to Angel Locsin.

‘Ma’am, you have a lot of explaining to do…’


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Source: Mark Lopez

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