Madame Mega, wala pong rights ang kanta – Lady lawyer to Ms. Sharon Cuneta who tweeted about fighting for her song’s rights

Before Sharon Cuneta ranted on Facebook against senatorial candidate Atty. Sal Panelo, the Megastar (her online critics are now calling her Negastar) went to Twitter first to call out the latter.

Ms. Cuneta began by telling netizens why she was making a fuss about Atty. Panelo for singing her song without asking permission. (BTW, Atty. Panelo said he asked the permission of Viva Records, the record company who hold the rights to the song and his request was granted.)

Because? Ms. Cuneta said she wants to fight for her song’s rights and also for the rights of the songwriter, the late Willy Cruz.

This is the line in Sharon Cuneta’s tweet that raised the eyebrowas of the Luminous, particularly, Atty. Trixie who went on to write a Facebook post to correct the Megastar’s misconception that songs have rights, which is not correct. Atty. Trixie agreed with Ms. Cuneta that the integrity of the work must be protected from people who would alter it, but that right belongs to the author or the songwriter, not the song interpreter.

This right is called “moral right”, the right to authorship of the masterpiece, not the interpreter, in case Sharon Cuneta.

Atty. Trixie ended the FB post by asking Sharon Cuneta if she does not mind, whether the song is more important than human beings?

You may now read Atty. Trixie’s full FB post below.

Ay si Ms. Sharon… Madame Mega, wala pong rights ang kanta. Tao lang po ang may ganun. And while it is true that the integrity of the work must be protected from people who would alter it, ang may katapatan po nyan yung author, ang yumaong Willy Cruz dito.

Ang tawag po dun ay “moral right”, yung karapatan sa authorship ng nilkhang obra, hindi po sa kumanta o nag interpret.

Gayunpaman maitanong ko lang, wag sana ninyong mamasamain…pero… Mas mahalaga pa ba ang kanta kaysa sa tao?


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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