“MAG-ARAL KA PA ULI MANAY!” — Leni Robredo’s kababayan from Bicol echoes President Duterte’s advice to VP

After President Duterte told VP Leni Robredo to study more because he thinks she needs it, the latter appeared not to get President Duterte’s message.

Why? Because instead of defending herself and answering back that she disagrees with President Duterte’s opinion that she needs a law refresher course, the vice president said it is not President Duterte who has the final say whether she is qualified to run for President but the Filipino people.

On that note, a fellow Bicolano named Edwin Jamora, who by the way is a known Duterte supporter took to Facebook to echo President Duterte’s message in case his kababayan failed to get President Duterte’s point.

In a Facebook post with the title, “MAG-ARAL KA PA ULI MANAY!”, Jamora used his wit and humor to drive home President Duterte’s point which unfortunately eluded Robredo.

Jamora remarked that there is a reason why the public, especially her critics, thinks she is called Madumb. Of course, Jamora explained to Robredo that she is qualified to run for President because based on our Constitution, Robredo can easily hurdle the minimum requirements to run for the highest position of the land.

Jamora joked that Robredo can read and write so she is qualified but she might fail in the comprehension department. Jamora quickly take back his word and said that since comprehension is not one of the qualifications to become eligible to run for President, Robredo will easily pass.

Jamora ended the FB post by reminding Robredo what President Duterte said and that is, she needs to study again!

You may read the original FB post below.

There’s reason why people call you Madumb. Of course, you are qualified to run as President. According to the constitution, an individual may become President provided he meets the following criteria:

1. Natural-born Filipino; Oh, di ba natural-born ka naman?
2. A registered voter; Sure ako, nag-register ka as voter. Korak?
3. must be able to read and write; Ok. Medyo may problema tayo dito.
4. 40 years of age at the day of the election; and. Gurang ka na Manay. Ok ka na dito.
5. must have resided in the Philippines ten years before the election is held. Ok. Quezon City is part of the Philippines, so ok ka dito.

Regarding the MUST BE ABLE TO READ AND WRITE, ok, fine. Pasado ka. Siguro babagsak ka lang sa Comprehension. Kaso wala sa qualifications ang comprehension – so, pasado ka.

Eh kasi, hindi naman sinabi ni Digong na you’re not qualified. Ang sinabi nya, palpal ka pa’t kelangan mong mag-aral uli!



Source: Edwin Jamora

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