Magazine publisher douses cold water to various insinuations from Dilawan camp why she started ABL (Anyone But Leni) campaign

After starting the ABL (Anyone But Leni) campaign, TraveLife Magazine publisher and editor Christine Cunanan took to Facebook to douse cold water to various insinuations from Dilawan camp why she started ABL (Anyone But Leni) campaign.

On Facebook, Cunanan confided Leni supporters have been asking her friends if she is on BBM’s payroll, hence she is posting FB post which Leni supporters interpreted as pro-BBM.

First and foremost, Cunanan dismissed she is BBM’s paid hack. In fact, Cunanan asserted she has zero ties with BBM or with any non-LP camp.

In fact, if there are people who attempted to communicate or reach out to her, it is but the supporters of Leni.

Second, Daang Matuwid’s strategies to force people to follow their Daang Matuwid “oppressive and indecent” – as if it is the only way to salvation. She find this disgusting.

You may now read Christine Cunanan’s original FB post below.

THE #ABL CAMPAIGN [Click here to find more about ABL campaign]

#ABL: Anyone But Leni

Leni supporters have apparently been asking my friends if I’m being paid by the BBM camp for my posts. This is the trouble with the Yellow/ Pink camp. They think everyone has ulterior motives or is being compensated, if they’re not pro-Leni.

The Real #SilentMajority


I can 100% confirm that I have no ties whatsoever to the BBM camp or even formal / informal communications with them. Or with any other non-LP political party, for that matter.


In truth, the only party that bothers to contact me are the Yellow/ Pinks who keep sending me private messages criticizing my decisions to post stuff, as if I’m doing something terribly wrong by doing so.

I’m just a private citizen with no current political ties or aspirations. When I’m not on FB once a day, I’m way too happy living and loving my own life.


But what can I say? The indecent and oppressive strategies of the Pink/ Yellow party to force us all to follow their Daang Makitid — as if it is the only way to salvation — disgust me.


I also saw how they created their own reality out of fiction and leveraged their power in 2010 – 2016 to form a nice little elite clique that employed the most horrible harassment tactics on those who were against them. Never again will I live through six surreal years of the Yellow version of that George Orwell novel, 1984.

Besides, some people say their merienda tastes better after reading my posts. 🤗More than money, that’s real incentive.

PS: This is politics so nothing is personal. So this is not at all a pro-BBM post per se. For example, if my neighbor’s terrier had the best fighting chance against Leni, I would be supporting the dog….


Source: Christine Cunanan

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