Magdalo’s Gary Alejano getting messages from people to lead a revolution against Duterte?

On Twitter, Rep. Gary Alejano of Magdalo boasted he has been getting messages from people to lead a revolution of course against Duterte.

A quick on Rep. Alejano’s twitter account shows he has since removed the tweet.

But, social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu had the presence of mind to take a sceen capture of Alejano’s tweet.

Likewise, Krizette, a staunch Duterte supporter, quickly burst Alejano’s bubble thought of leading a revolution, much more against the popular Duterte who enjoys a huge mass support against the morally bankrupt opposition.

Let us read Krizette Laureta Chu’s post below. Hope you enjoy how Krizette burst Gary Alejano’s illusion of grandeur with this post.



You appear out of nowhere and make a name for yourself for inane, stupid comments, and as Trillanes’ little bitch, and you think you are qualified to head a revolution?

Down, boy. Naman, ang mga delusions of grandeur natin.

Hahahahah. Ok lang, para sure na fail.

If there is one revolution that needs to happen, it’s a revgov which will dispose of the likes of you.

(Come to think of it, nobody from the Opposition is qualified–nor smart enough–to head a revolution.

Leni is, well, Leni. No fire, no sense, no compassion, also a very possible cheater.

Kiko and Drilon are the best representatives of a system that doesn’t work, and which people have rebelled against. Mga 1 million years na sila as senators tapos now akala mo naman marami silang nagawa. You know they’re only fighting for their own right (to what?)

Risa is chararat and tainted with corruption in Philhealth, which is health insurance, unforgivable.

Teddy Baguilat is da who Teddy, and apparently watches leaked GOT and is proud of it.

Leila de Lima has been DOJ Sec and has been saying Duterte is a murderer but still couldn’t prove it, and well, she’s supposedly the Mother of all Druglords, so if you’re ok with the PH turning into a narcostate…)

This is why, children, a revolution against Duterte will not prosper because there is no credible leader to rally around.

Least of all, a leader who uses a fucking emoji (😓) to bait people into goading him to start a revolution. Nelson Mandela would be so disgusted lol.

What is your take on Alejano’s tweet?

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