“Magkano?” Netizen’s initial reaction in response to PAB’s allegation hundreds of thousands have been widowed in PRRD’s war on drugs

A lady supporter of PRRD decried at PAB’s (Pinoy Ako Blog) latest wild allegations that “hundreds of thousands have been widowed” as a result of Duterte’s war on drugs.

According to PAB, Duterte’s war on dr^gs isn’t really a war on dr^gs, it is a war versus the poor people.

PAB continued that the war on dr^gs is a large-scale slaughter of Filipinos – targeting the weak, the impoverished and the powerless.

As a consequence, hundreds of thousands have been widowed or orphaned of Duterte’s war on dr^gs while sparing the drug lords who are still free and still powerful.

PAB claimed that billions of pesos in drugs are flooding into the country, floating on the flood of blood the government has let loose.

“Magkano?” This was the initial reaction of DDS blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes after PAB’s meme containing such allegations circulated online, asking her if she understood what she said.

Reyes asked if PAB ever had goosebumps of the exaggeration and lies she just spewed online.

Unless Reyes said PAB and Leni Robredo have the same level of aptitude at Math when speaking of hundreds of thousands means it is not less than but greater than 200,000.

Reyes reckoned that if indeed PAB’s allegations were true, why was it that during opposition-led rallies, less than one thousand people attended even when they have gimmicks like free raffle and snacks.

During a Christmas party hosted by Leni Robredo, the VP handed out gift packs to the widowed and orphans of PRRD’s war on dr^gs, and yet only 152 attended the said party.

Reyes remarked that out of the 152 who attended, 55 parents and 97 relatives out of PAB’s outrageous claim of hundreds of thousands attended the above-mentioned Christmas party.

Reyes went on to debunked PAB’s allegations one by one, backed up by statistical figures lifted from data readily available online from the PNP.

Reyes took a swipe at PAB the law student that “He, in PAB’s case, she who alleges must prove.”

Anticipating the futility of asking all these questions and sharing facts with PAB, Reyes found it fitting to ask the obvious question to PAB, “How much?”

You may read MJ Quiambao Reyes’ full FB post below.


Naiintindihan mo ba pinagsasasabi mo!? Di ka man lang ba kinikilabutan sa mga eksaherasyon at kasinungalingan mo!?

1️⃣ Unless pareho kayo ng level of aptitude ni Madam Leni sa Math, alam mo naman siguro na ang “hundreds of thousands” ay no less but can be more than 200,000, right?

Kung may ganyan ngang karaming naulila gawa ng drug war at kung ito nga ay state-sponsored:

❓Bakit tuwing magtatawag kayo ng rally ay wala ni isang libong dumadalo kahit may mga libu-libong pa-raffle at pameryenda pa?

😜 Yung huling rally nyo nga sa Ayala kontra Duterte, wala pa ni singkwentang katao (50) ang nagpunta. Tulad lang ng mga posts mo na kung di mo pa ibo-boost ay ni walang 50 engagement.

❓Bakit nung nag-host ng Christmas Party at namigay ng mga gift packs si Gng. Robredo para sa mga naulila raw ng EJK nung Dec. 23, nasa 152 lang ang dumalo?

Yes, 55 parents at 97 relatives out of your outrageous claim na hundreds of thousands! Assuming na lahat ng 152 ay totoong mga naulila nga ng mga nasawi sa drug war, nasaan ang 199,848+?

❓Ayaw ba ng mga sinasabi mo’ng “hundreds of thousands” na makadaupang palad at makasalo sa meryenda ang tagapagtanggol nilang si Gng. Robredo? Ayaw ba nilang makatanggap ng “pamasko”, at higit sa lahat, ipaglaban man lang ang mga nasawi nilang kaanak?

❓Sa laki ng budget ng mga kaalyado nyong media, bakit ni isa man lang sa kanila ay walang makapaglabas ng pruweba o verifiable data o listahan man lang ng 27,000 EJK for fact-checking?

❗He who alleges must prove. As a law student, dapat alam mo yan.

2️⃣ Large-scale slaughter of our countrymen? Seriously? Shouldn’t you be referring to the previous admin when the average number of homicide & murder cases was 13,000/year which went up to as high as 16,000+ in 2013? Yes, that was before Duterte and before there was even a war on drugs.

This admin does not deny that indeed there were some casualties during their anti drug operations– including children, elders, and even some of the police officers. Many of us are not happy about it–but where do you get the temerity to paint it like some large-scale slaughter when in fact:

✔️ More than 1.6M drug addicts/pushers have surrendered. Alive. Unharmed.

✔️ More than 190,000 drug personalities (including some govt officials & men in uniform) were arrested. Alive. Unharmed.

✔️ More than 2,000 children were rescued during anti drug operations. Again, alive and unharmed.

✔️ Crime rate dropped by 30-57%

Or is it futile for me to be asking you all these questions and sharing with you all these facts & stats when it seems all that’s left to ask now is:


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