Mainstream media did not report this corruption issue against Trillanes. Hint: ‘MRT’

Senator Antonio Trillanes III has carved a name for himself as an anti-corruption crusader exposing alleged anomalies of government officials.

Yes, government officials not aligned with his boss, former president Pnoy Aquino.

But hear this. According to an article posted by Jarius Bondoc, Trillanes’s relatives won a contract from the DOTC-led Joseph Abaya without the benefit of public bidding in 2015.

If you’d recall, the original maintenance provider of the MRT trains was Sumitomo but was replaced with PH Trams. Despite having a capital of 625,000 pesos, PH Trams won a government contract and got paid $1.15 million a month.

Ten months later, PH Trams was let go by then DOTC Secretary Abaya because “its owners were linked to the shake down of the original MRT-3 train maker.”

Global Epcom, formerly Genials Inc. was hired again by Abaya without the benefit of public bidding. Bondoc described it as more of a “closed-door haggling than public bidding.” To lend legitimacy to the deal, Autre Porte Technique (APT), the old maintenance firm of LRT-2, was tapped as partner of Global Epcom.

Two years later, Global Epcom was again showed the exit door except maintaining the cleanliness of MRT stations after MRT experienced daily breakdowns, much to the embarrassment of the Pnoy government because of ineptitude of the maintenance contractors.

In 2015, Abaya divided the spoils of maintaining MRT to seven different contractors.

One of the seventh contractor was TriLink Technologies tapped for communications systems.

According to the TriLink Technologies website, is a trusted solutions provider and prides itself of having a comprehensive product and service portfolio of various data and wireless communications, safety and electronic security systems and services.

The website has no mention of its expertise in managing the communication systems in train system.

Moving forward, TriLink Technologies was awarded P7.28 million to manage the communication system of the MRT.

Based on the research of Mr. Bondoc, TriLink has Henry Iriola Trillanes as incorporator-president-CEO. Five other Trillaneses are incorporator-officers, with the same address as per SEC documents.

Comelec records identify Henry as the biggest contributor to the 2013 senatorial campaign of Antonio Trillanes IV.

Source: Jarius Bondoc PhilStar

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