Major news network’s caption during Robredo’s inaugural turning heads of netizens. Find out why!!!

In this day and age of the internet, speed precedes accuracy!

This is especially true among the big TV news networks who would try to out-scoop their competitors any chance they get when there is a developing news or a newsworthy event for their news-hungry audience.

A case in point is CNN Philippines who has been perceived by netizens as one of the remaining neutral news company in the country today.

The international news network has earned the respect of the netizens when it hosted one of the Presidential debates during the election campaign for showing no political bias against or towards one candidate during the course of debate.

But lately, CNN Philippines got the attention of netizens when it erroneously referred VP Leni Robredo as the 14th President during their news telecast of the VP’s inauguration.

Check out the screenshot below to understand what the fuss is all about.

Let us check out how the netizens respond.

Victoria V. Ferro wrote:

Man that is terrible CNN

Netizen Elsa Villadares insinuates CNN Philippines is up to something.

Subliminal message?

Another netizen, Francis T. Tolibas agrees.


Maria Vilma Alanis Coronado wrote:

Nangangarap 😂

Dr. Antonio Contreras, a known Robredo critic could only mutter this.


In fairness to CNN Philippines, the incident could have been an isolated case and nothing more.

What can you say about this?

Source: Dr. Antonio Contreras


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