Malacanang insider explains why the peace talks with the Reds failed. Read!

In case you’re shaking your head after the peace talks between the government and the communist rebels have failed, you better read this.

Peter Tiu Lavina, Duterte’s man at the National Irrigation Administration shares his incisive insight on why the peace talks collapsed. Doomed from the get go?

Lavina began the post by saying that NPA spokesperson Jorge “Ka Oris” Madlos should not be blamed for the collapse of the peace talks, “I do not believe talks that Ka Oris of the NPA command is a “spoiler” in the peace talks.”

“I would rather tend to believe that the insurgents have not yet achieve unity in pursuing the peace process,” Lavina asserted. “The NPA withdrawal of its unilateral ceasefire to end Feb 10 was announced neither by the CPP nor the NDF or its peace panel.”

Lavina said that even Sec Ernie Abella noted the “disconnect.” “The NPAs are the ones of the ground, take the brunt of military clashes, hold the gun and have the money in collected revolutionary taxes,” Lavina remarked.

“In effect, it is the strongest flank within the insurgents, not probably the exiled leaders of the CPP-NDF,” Lavina observed.

In short, the NPA’s in the mountains hold the power, not the exiled leaders in the Netherlands.

“They are essentially now the center.”

“I think the NPA is flexing its muscle, asserting it primacy,” Lavina postulated.

“A negotiated political settlement of the insurgency, after all, is meant to address their ranks first and foremost,” Lavina added.

“Are their concerns being addressed in the European talks? If so, are these being articulated, explained, understood on the ground?” asked Lavina.

So what now?

“Given that the rebel ranks now are mostly from the IP communities unlike in the past where students, workers and intellectuals lead the NPA, the need for educating and unifying the armed insurgents truly should be of high priority,” Lavina concluded.

Netizen Ed Yu shared the analysis of Peter Lavina and wrote: “This is a very insightful analysis. Disconnect between the brains and the arms of the revolutionary movement.”

Meanwhile, Facebook user Larry Silva shares his thoughts that Duterte will make the NPA irrelevant the way the president have been addressing the issues that drive disgruntled Filipinos to the mountains and join the armed struggle.

The primary advocacy of the NPA is the emancipation of the poor and the underprivileged, an advocacy that was being sought even in our youth days.

With the current thrust of the present administration in “providing food for every Filipino people”, the “healthcare program for the masses”, I sincerely believe that NPA’s advocacy is being addressed.

There is a saying that “Rome was not built in one day” and our predicaments are the same as the saying.

Another is “It takes two to Tango” but in order for the dance to be properly executed, a lead should dictate the tempo.

Praying that wisdom will prevail in all of our minds.

Your thoughts please.

Source: Peter Tiu Lavina

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