Malacanang is now open to bloggers; Pia of Rappler is not happy with it so Sasot asks mainstream media where they stand on the issue

If you are blogger, this is an exciting times indeed as the Duterte administration welcomes bloggers to Malacanang as per Andanar’s pronouncement lately.

Rappler interviewed Secretary Andanar regarding the nagging issue about bloggers joining mainstream journalists in covering the Malacanang beat and this is what he has to say. Please watch the video below.

Note: Bloggers need to reveal their identity to get accredited. Game?

This is not the first time that issue has been raised.

Earlier in the Duterte presidency, Sec. Andanar brought up the issue before the MPC (Malacanang Press Corps) but it was thumbed down by its members.

But times they are a’changing!

However, it appears Pia Ranada of Rappler hates the idea of seeing bloggers in Malacanang and in other Duterte sorties.

So in the midst of the brouhaha, Duterte’s most influential supporter in the social media wrote a note addressed to the mainstream media on where they stand on the issue.

Here’s Sass Rogando Sasot’s open letter to the mainstream media:

Dear Philippine Mainstream Media:

On the issue of bloggers getting access to cover Malacañan…Whose side are you going to take? That of SPO4 Pia Ranada Robles? Or the side of Agnes Callamard?

“In the 21st century, many bloggers will take their place as watchdogs, alongside traditional media. The international community and individual states must develop protection for bloggers, just as they have developed protection for traditional media. Similar protection must be provided to bloggers.”
– Agnes Callamard, former Executive Director of Article 19

Netizens in the social media sphere have a blast second guessing how the mainstream media will take Sass Sasot’s challenge.

Your thoughts, please!

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