Malacanang slams US docufilm “On the President’s Orders”, accuses filmmaker of riding Duterte’s popularity & success, says it reeks with malice to put PH in a bad light

Malacanang has taken to Facebook to denounce the US docufilm “On the President’s Orders”, said it is annoyed by the sustained spread of black propaganda against the country’s campaign against illegal dr*gs and criminality.

The Palace said it is vexed by the continuous spread of disinformation against our country’s campaign against illegal drugs and criminality.

Malacanang remarked foreign audiences have been fed with false and baseless stories in relation to the PH government anti-narcotics campaign, specifically on the nature and the number of casualties resulting from police operations against it.

Based on the tone of Malacanang’s FB post, it was speaking based on the teaser of – as well as he commentaries on – the American docufilm, “On the President’s Orders”.

Malacanang called the docufilm the latest addition to these unmitigated vilification.

Malacanang also lambasted the choice of words of docufilm’s website with claims that the police specifically targeted the poor communities, executing our countrymen from a perverse moral high ground calling it derogatory biased and outright fiction.

Malacanang retaliated by insulting the docufilm’s creator, accusing them of riding the coattails of the President’s international popularity and success, and is being used as a medium to espouse a one-sided information bordering to black propaganda aimed at gullible foreign audiences who know little or zero-knowledge about the Philippines and its government.

Malacanang pointed out the filmmakers followed the tried and tested formula in filmmaking, which is showing the scenes or soundbites that falsely depicts the Philippines as a dangerous and a murderous government while omitting the scenes the shows the opposite.

Malacanang reckoned that moviegoers are more inclined to watch a thrilling film that depicts a country as menacing instead of a lackluster motion picture showcasing its progress and development.

The latter part of the letter informed the foreigners planning to watch the docufilm that the Philippines is an archipelago where the illegal drug trade is a billion-peso industry, 97% of small villages which we call barangays, have or had already been infiltrated.

The government’s campaign against prohibited narcotics is anchored primarily on national security and public safety. Three years to the war on drugs and residents in the country now feel safer and secure with 7 out of 10 Filipinos being satisfied with the way President Rodrigo Roa Duterte handles the campaign.

Malacanang also denied that the drug-related killings are state-initiated nor state-sponsored. These killings result from violent resistance on the part of those sought to be arrested by police agents, proof of which is the death of scores of policemen and serious injuries to hundreds of others.

A number of these deaths is also attributed to turf wars among members of the illegal drug syndicates who kill each other because of, among others, rivalry, botched deals and swindling.

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