Malaysian Feng Shui expert sees good chance for Duterte to win 2016 Presidential election

It’s going to be a good year for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and some candidates if Chinese astrology were to be believed.

Malaysian feng shui expert Joey Yap says based on destiny charts on the day or year of birth, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has the biggest chances of winning the may 2016 presidential election.

Malaysian feng shui expert Joey Yap told CNN Philippines that Mayor Duterte was born on the day of the fire monkey.

A fire monkey has the ability to, they are controversial in some ways, but they managed to change society and culture; they have the power to do that. They are able to, they can mesmerize, they can command, and they can basically ask people to do things, to change.

The Malaysia Feng shui expert who just arrived in the country a few days ago, claims he is not well-versed of the political personalities in the country.

Likewise, Senator Miriam Santiago destiny chart shows she is appealing to the people.

Strong character and might say things that offend people sometimes. I think so because that’s the nature of her chart. People appealed to that and that’s good for her.

Jeff Ventura, another Feng Shui expert agrees with the reading of the Joey Yap on Senator Miriam Santiago.

But the thing is, the fortune in her, lies towards her people because she really has the intellect.

Presidential aspirant VP Binay’s destiny chart on the other hand shows wealth element surrounding the Vice President which means Yap explained, VP Binay is better off as a businessman than a politician.

A lot of money is in his destiny chart. So normally, I like think of politicians as statesmen, right? As they should be. So money should not be the main focus, but the people.

But according to Jeff Ventura, a Pinoy Feng Shui expert said that VP Binay’s fortune, being a water horse is flexible.

He is the key in terms of how he drives his direction. The direction, he knows where to go because he is a water element. So he plan, he do well.

Meanwhile, Mar Roxas’ destiny chart shows he is not exactly the candidate the people are looking for in a President. Yap adds, Roxas can still change this by altering his image.

Roxas chart has a lot of yin elements in his chart. The yin element is probably educated properly, possibly more like a thinker but not charismatic.

Finally, both Yap and Ventura predicted that Senator Grace Poe will be facing a lot of obstacles in her candidacy.

There is a lot of (not clear audio here) so that could actually mean, you know she might not make it for the race and that is an issue unless she can rid of the people who are probably bringing her down in the first place.

Overall, Yap said this coming election is not going to be chaotic.

The silver lining according to Ventura is that, whoever wins the Presidential election is going to be good for the economy.

Feng Shui Expert Prediction on 2016 Presidential election

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Source: CNN Philipines

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