Malaysia’s PM Mahathir a DDS? Radio host Mark Lopez believes so based on what Malaysia’s PM says about China @ UN General Assembly

Less than a year ago, yellow-leaning and GMA News resident political analyst Richard Heydarian in his PDI column piece written in November 2018 was all praises for Malaysia’s PM Mahathir Mohamad for saying he was not going to be a Chinese lackey while in the same breath, attacked Duterte for his China-friendly foreign and economic policies. [Inquirer]

Heydarian’s supporters, majority of which are “dilawan” supporters, enthusiastically shared his article on every social media platforms popular among Filipino netizens like Facebook and Twitter to insult the supporters of the Duterte administration that their idol is a wimp and stupid for running to China’s side while praising Malayasia’s Mahathir as the symbol that every Asian leader should emulate.

Previous to that PDI column article, in June 28 2019, Heydarian called PRRD an “amateur” for kowtowing to China and get almost nothing from China in terms of big ticket infra projects while Malaysia’s Mahathir whom he said bashes China for a year and then gets billions in discount on Chinese projects and thousand of jobs for ordinary Malaysians.

Fast forward 2019, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed who gave a speech at the UN General Assembly recently uncharacteristically sounded more now of a Chinese lackey than the brave and nationalist leader who stood up to China less than a year ago that made Heydarian and the “dilawans” Mahthir’s fan boys in the Philippines.

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez couldn’t help but exclaimed that Malaysia’s PM is a DDS and the “dilawans’ will get furious as soon as they read this.

Of course, we know Lopez was exaggerating when he made the remark.

Hahaha magwawala na naman ang mga Dilawan nito….

Putres, DDS pala si Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir 😂

“Malaysia is too small to face up to the Asian powerhouse, even though Chinese ships surveying its waters for oil and gas in South China Sea do so without permission, he told an online news service during his visit to New York where he addressed the UN General Assembly.

“We watch what they are doing, we report what they are doing, but we do not chase them away or try to be aggressive,” Mahathir told BenarNews, an online news service affiliated with Radio Free Asia that reports in five languages.

“The Malay states have existed near China for the past 2,000 years. We have survived because we know how to conduct ourselves. We don’t go around trying to be aggressive when we don’t have the capacity, so we use other means.”

(ctto Jose Mario L. Pagkaliwangan)

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