“Mali. Nanlilinlang kayo.” Lady lawyer on Sison, Rep. Zarate’s statement “Duterte’s order to destroy ‘Reds’ sends chilling effect to critics”

Known President Duterte supporter lawyer Trixie Cruz Angeles strongly disagreed with Joma Sison and Rep. Zarate’s statements that the President’s order to destroy ‘Reds’ is actually designed to send chilling effect to government critics.

In a Facebook post, Angeles said Sison and Rep. Zarate are wrong and describe their statements ‘deceptive’.

Angeles remarked that Zarate, being a lawmaker knows his law and that anyone breaking the law should be stopped and if in the act of committing a crime can be arrested.

Angeles remarked that rebellion and terrorism are continuing crimes, therefore, there is nothing illegal to the PRRD’s order. Even in their sleep, the rebels can be arrested.

Angeles clarified that the President’s order to destroy means to destroy the organization.

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“He (Duterte) has no respect for due process and he encourages his men to violate due process,” Sison previously said.

Ngayon naman sinasabi ni Zarate na oppressive ang Pangulo sa mga critics or dissenters?

Mali. Nanlilinlang kayo.

Due process. Alam nyo naman na maaaring pigilan lahat ng lumalabag sa batas. At kung in the act of committing a crime, pwede arestuhin. At kung pumalag at ma threaten ang law enforcement, pwede gamitan ng deadly force.

Rebellion and terrorism are continuing crimes. Kahit natutulog kayo, pwede kayo arestuhin. Yang order to destroy ni Pangulo means to destroy the organization. And how else to do it, but by arresting them all ang putting a stop to their activities.

Dapat pursigihin na ang pag basag sa grupo na yan.

There is nothing wrong or.illegal in the presidents order. The NPA are criminals in the act of committing a crime. The citizens must be defended.

Here are some of the comments below of netizens expressing their approval of PRRD’s order and Angeles’ opinion on the matter.

Tin Cabagnot Ornedo Atty. Trixie, you’re right. Rep. Zarate is giving false information to the public, making it seem that the Presidents order is to destroy all his detractors… bobong kongresista.

Benj Kenji Noooooo, you are fooling us zarate you are aware that your comrade will be banish and believers of idiology will change and rebuild themselves that they were being used and help them to improve and have a better future. Don^t even try to ma ipulate us to what you wanted as to be. You have been there for a long time together with casiƱo, beltran and other leftist but youin a position better you life and living while the others were fighting and hiding without any reason what was they were fighting for. Besides you had done nothing to improve the lives of you poor comrade. Don^t ever show that you are fighting for them instead you are defending the status of you and others with position. The president did the right decision so that those all of your militant should learn by now that they were only used and to frighten the lowless people due to the fact na huag masira ang status nyo. Malinaw na malinaw na wala kayong ipinaglalaban para bumuti ang stado ng bawat mamamayan.

EdWin Ge Maxinejoyce Deligero Hindi naman kasi constructive criticizm kayo Zarate, et al kundi “destructive critics” kayo ng gobyerno, nililinlang nyo ang filipino majority

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